Storn Maga Analog Synthesizer Introduced


Storn System has announced a new hybrid analog synthesizer, the Storn MAGA.

Here’s what they have to say about the MAGA:

Storn MAGA itself is Analog Modular Synthesizer, which is there are analog and digital technology processes, or called hybrid, the outcome and process in Storn MAGA is pure analog, with features given include things like Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Voltage Controlled Filter, Voltage Controlled Amplifier, Low Frequency Oscillator, Attack Decay Envelope, ADSR Envelope and Noise.

Digital functions of MAGA is simply to process MIDI control system and modulation patch routing storage (saving routing analog path, as a substitute of input / output cables routing path that found in a normal modular analog synthesizer), which could keep about 40 presets.


  • VCO, VCA, VCF, LFO, AD Envelope, ADSR Envelope, Noise
  • VCO with multiple independent output
  • VCO input from CV IN
  • Processing external input from instrument such as guitar, bass, drum, vocal etc.
  • Patch Matrix with save and edit system
  • Complex mixer routing (input/output path)
  • Portable Case


  • 1 VCF (LPF/BPF)
  • 1 VCA WITH Modulation DRIVE
  • 1 LFO (TRI / SQUARE)
  • 1 ADSR ENV
  • 1 AD ENV (CHAOS LFO / AD envelope can receive input trigger via LFO output)

The Storn MAGA is expected to be available at the beginning of February, priced at US $1,500. See the Storn site for more information.

30 thoughts on “Storn Maga Analog Synthesizer Introduced

    1. But there is a beautiful hand-made “blue-print” of the synth…in red!!!…and also for around $1,500 you can have things like Voltage Controlled Oscillator (x1)…Yes, you read well only $1500 (wow!)…i must hurry if I want to pre-order one of the 50 to be made!!!

  1. Because Ken Macbeth makes discreet analogs, I.e. No system on a chip components. He uses military grade components that will outlast cheaper builds. He is a talented synth designer. He’s a cool guy. His stuff sounds amazing to EVERYONE who plays one in person. That’s why.

    1. Respectfully disagree! Not everyone! This purist crap you are spewing holds no ground, he makes decent synths, with no memory! Which means after I have toiled for hours finding the sound I want, I will to jot it down on PAPER in hopes of replicating it. I guess that is progress in 2014.

      1. Again, read what Goku wrote, “he is cool”, what are you 12? Macbeth to me is not progress. I am not keen on this synth either, however what Macbeth does and creates is little more than a relic of a time gone by. I would rather have an Elektron 4 than this. It’s strange that electronic musicians, whom by in large were futurists would rather use something from 1960’s technology than what can be achieved today. Sad really.

        1. From my personal experience, Ken IS COOL. A great guy, very passionate about the things he designs and builds. I’m not mentally 12 for wanting to give my hard earned money to small companies that build quality products.

          By your logic, a violin is a relic of a time gone by… A capable musician can do amazing things with a Macbeth, Analog Four, trumpet, etc…

          And why do you assume that music technology is the only thing electronic musicians utilize to push the boundaries of music further? Using the violin analogy… I’m positive that the vast majority of violin players would rather own a Stradavarious than a shiny electronic violin… your comment is absurd.

          1. Goku, you cannot compare a “Stradavarious” to” a shiny electronic violin” that analogy is false and “absurd”. First of all, I did not disparage musicians or their capabilities based on the instrument they use!

            And to use your analogy, that be like like taking a spoon, and attaching rockets to it to propel it in your mouth. An organic “analogue” instrument like a violin vs a electric variant is poor comparison to synthesizers!

            Synthesis is the creation of sound by use of electronic equipment! The entire premise is based on technology. I am far more interested in those whom are pushing the boundaries of that technology than someone that is using technology that is more than 60 years old, and NOT in a new way, despite how cool he may be in your juvenile mind.

            I have seen, touched and used Macbeth’s creations (I do not own one, yet a mate of mine that is collector has two of his synths) and in my opinion, they are NOT worth the investment. Not based on their “quality build” rather simply their usability. You made a generalised statement that in your mind included “everyone”, I am not in that batch mate! Not by a long shot!

            1. Electronic instruments might include technology as part of their design, but in no way does that strengthen you argument regarding Macbeth synthesizers.

              I may have mis-spoken when I wrote that EVERYONE loves his synths. I’m sure there is a small minority, like yourself, whom does not in fact wish they owned one. Forgive me for my enthusiasm.

              Still, I don’t believe you “won the internet” 🙂

              I own an analog four. And an M3x. And soon an Analog keys. Among MANY others. By your logic, we should all be abandoning our hardware for plugins, abandoning our subtractive synthesis for granular, abandoning our keyboards for new controllers.

              I don’t think the intention of electronic music is to make old technology obsolete, but to utilize what is available to make the best music possible. Best can mean many things to many people, I doubt you (or I) are qualified to define what that is.

              For someone who thinks he understands technology, you should understand the difference between discreet VCOs and DCOs (like the ones in the analog four), and how these two designs differ in sound (resolution, interplay between osc beating, tone, more…).

              Regarding your statement about the Analog four breaking new ground… I am a HUGE advocate of Elektron gear, but the synth architecture of the A4 is nothing special. As you implied, It is the sequencing abilities that make that unit unique.

              That said… your definition of useability is narrow. For a “juvenile” player like myself (classically trained pianist, NYU alum… full-time studio engineer… hoarder of synths and studio gear… with many major label credits, including a few platinum artists), the Macbeth stuff is worth it! To each his own though…

              1. Goku,

                I never questioned your credentials nor do I care as I find it irrelevant to this discussion, however your last entry does provide a divide great enough to find common ground. I am not here to dissuade anyone against what Ken creates. I respect his passion and engineering prowess. However I am simply not a “fan” of all the retro gear and the movement. Personally I was aghast when Korg reissued the MS20. Yet that is another argument.

                And for record, I would never advocate discarding hardware in favour of plug ins. I have personally been involved with multiple synth projects (hardware) thus I have great appreciation for the undertaking and perseverance required and demanded to bring new hardware to the marketplace. Every instrument, analogue, digital in any form and shape is an instrument, and purely subjective in terms of its qualities and appeal.

                I suppose as you stated, I took exception with the “everyone” comment, and the justification of Macbeth’s pricing and what I deem simple features that are missing from his designs. Again, that is a separate argument.

                That said, allow me to extend my apologies for calling your juvenile….especially since I have just been notified that I did not win a bloody thing, not even the internet.


  2. “Storn MAGA itself is Analog Modular Synthesizer, which is there are analog and digital technology processes, or called hybrid, the outcome and process…”

    ^^^ Note to Storn System guys; if you’re going to have *any* chance in hell of selling 5 of these, please hire a proper English translator. This manual is going to be a friggin’ riot.

  3. “Our very first Analog Synthesizer produced is mono synthesizer semi modular called “LAVATORY” in 2005 use by Ade Habibie a musician”

  4. they also need a graphic designer for that panel 🙂
    but yeah… the main problem is, you can get a lot more for far less money nowadays. Plus I don’t see what would make this one stand out in the middle of the crowd, it really lacks some unique feature.
    The modulation matrix is a nice touch though… could be developed further.

  5. I figure in about 20 years this will be a Reason RE for 50 bucks, until then I will just have to survive on all the other retro REs…

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