11 thoughts on “Arturia MiniBrute Review – ‘Unbelievable Value’

  1. A better “unbelievable value” is the BassStation 2 for the same price with double the features, preset memories, and a far superior tone.

    1. mini-brute is an instant new classic , novation synths are obsolenscence programmed pieces of junk , you cant compare a critical hit as arturia product with one eternal “ehash some MAM 303 repachaged !

      1. I didn’t know that about Novation synths. I thought I really liked my X-Station. I guess I stop using in most of the things I do.

  2. Minibrute awsome!! Get one from last year. It gets CV outputs for one thing : Integration with analog gears!
    Controling Dark Enregy, getting its audio signal through Minibrute filter, Brutefactor and LFO: its AWSOME!!!

  3. It is ok but the specs bow down to the Bass Station II. And the Bass Station II has presets, sequencer, dual osc, sub osc, noise, overdrive, distortion, acid filter, etc.

  4. Bought one, key weights were inside the synth, returned it and bought an MS-20 mini.

    I hope for everyone who buys one’s sake they fixed that problem, it’s a nice synth but the keyweight glue is a bad quality control sign to me.

  5. I personally just don’t get synths with no preset recall in this day and age. Maybe for some general noodling it’s fine, but for serious composition work I wouldn’t sacrifice quick recall just for that “analog sound”. Let the flames begin!

  6. um, no offense, but those “warm” “soft” patches you are creating sound like shit. And they aren’t really “warm” as they have tons of brash upper harmonics. you really really really suck at programming cool synth sounds. but there aren’t many out there who can really kick ass at making interesting things. your audio graffiti lacks bigtime.

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