9 thoughts on “Kraftwerk Live At The Latitude Festival

    After all these years of deceiving performances we can now listen pure smoothness of electronic sound…..14 years after “expo 2000” (so avant-guarde) their new sound has come to maturity and we can really hope a new album release.

    in the “minus” department I heard too much filtering going on on computer world and that’s a shame cause this version is fantastic….

    1. it amazes me to see artists this big using stuff that’s so cheap, and i don’t mean this in a bad way, but i would have expected some shiny expensive controllers instead of those m-audio and korg nano that just “seem so fiddly” to the rest of us mortals

  2. Not a goddamn thing going on in those consoles, I assume. Four guys standing in front of “Kraftwerk: The Movie”.

    1. The photos were taken after the gig, so they’re not turned on. Ralph plays live keyboards and vocals. The other two ‘tweak filters’ apparently and the new 4th wheel is the artist responsible for the video graphics. His role on stage, I suspect, is to complete the quartet because his job is already done.

  3. Before they went laptop they would come out in front of the gear for Pocket Calculator and perform with small controllers. It gave the audience an idea of what each person was doing. I’ve been fortunate enough to see both setups.

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