Future Retro XS Review

This video, via alternatingbitmusic, offers a quick review and demo of the Future Retro XS analog synthesizer.

The Future Retro XS is a true semi-modular analog synthesizer. It can be used as either a rackmount or desktop instrument.

In its simplest form, the XS is a powerful monophonic synthesizer, including 46 controls with internal signal routings pre-wired to allow the unit to act similarly to traditional synthesizers. The unit also provides 7 inputs and 11 outputs that can be connected in various ways to override the pre-wired signal routings, interface the unit with other instruments in a modular fashion, and even process external audio.

The XS can be controlled by both MIDI and CV/Gate control signals simultaneously in a variety of ways. It can also act as a MIDI to CV/Gate converter with outputs, including CV/Gate/Mod Wheel/Velocity signals for controlling other analog instruments.

The Future Retro XS is available for US $1,200.

If you’ve used the FR XS synthesizer, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

9 thoughts on “Future Retro XS Review

  1. I’m always in favor of demos where the first 8 minutes of the 9 minute demo isn’t the guy tellling us the function of every knob, including “and lastly, over here is the volume control… now let’s have a listen”

  2. I love my XS. I listened to a lot of comparable synths from different manufacturers, and it was simply a bloody brilliant sounding instrument. Also Jared, who builds them, is a really cool and helpful guy. πŸ™‚

  3. I always wanted and still want to love the 777 – not least because of its looks. But I am still waiting for a demo video with actually relevant musical content using a FutureRetro machine – and not always the same resonating filter sweeps on wannabe old school acid sequences. Maybe I should just buy one on Ebay and make it myself?

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