Sasha: “EDM Is Made By Douchebags For Douchebags”


In case you were wondering what DJ/producer Sasha thinks about EDM, he shared his thoughts on it via Twitter:

“Most EDM is made by douchebags for douchebags. Do i care if lots of douchebags buy it? Not really, But it pollutes.”

What do you think? Is Sasha right, or is this just what happens when you get bumped out the Top 100 DJ list by a bunch of EDM guys? You make the call!

107 thoughts on “Sasha: “EDM Is Made By Douchebags For Douchebags”

        1. Newbies are newbies, they jz can’t accept that ‘without legends started the road work,there won’t be roads today’, all they care abt is the blings of trend, they don’t care abt certain’s artists’ fake producing, 100%showmanship on stage while playing apre-recorded mix.

        2. Newbies are newbies, they jz can’t accept that ‘without legends started the road work,there won’t be roads today’, all they care abt is the blings of trend, they don’t care abt certain’s artists’ fake producing, 100%showmanship on stage while playing a pre-recorded mix.

    1. EDM is electric/electronic dance music In it’s most pop-extreme style and form, it’s blatantly noisy and annoying – think about what Rock N Roll was to parents of the 1950’s … Sasha is one of the great pioneering DJs and producers extraordinaire whom has crafted one of the top albums of all time in my opinion, entitled ‘Airdrawndagger.’ You can learn more about the man they call “The Man Like” here: or here: …and you can listen to or buy his masterpiece Airdrawndagger here:

      I’d also recommend searching for other tracks that he’s written or remixed, like: Xpander, Baja, Talk To Me by Hysterix, Arcadia by Apparat – Apparat is another genius by the way, Be As One (Original Mix), Belfunk… so many more…

    2. Sasha is a legend. He has produced and deejayed high quality trance and prog house for eons. He and John Digweed owned the underground dance scene for quite awhile. His stuff was always deeper and I find his comments to be entirely accurate in regards to guys like Steve Aoki, Afrojack, David Guetta and their ilk. There is amazing electronic dance music being made right now, but the mainstage guys are all the shitty dudes like this that have come to be regarded as “EDM” which is a blanket term for corny sounding, watered-down prog house and trance. There is such better, deeper stuff out there which is intelligently produced, which only makes it to the side stages and smaller venues. The masses love their shitty poppy stuff. Run on sentences…I does them.

      1. May I introduce to you ‘We are the New Underground’

        You have found your home, where electronic music is preserved.

  1. I mean it’s no secret that plenty of tool bros like EDM. But that can be said for any genre – country music, metal music… rap (we all probably know a racist douche or two that LOVE Lil Wayne for some reason)

    But what does he even mean?

    1. Ohhh, Sasha thinks the stuff he makes isn’t EDM for douches! That quote makes a lot more sense in that context…at first I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to say! Seriously confusing.

      1. He is talking about the made up “genre” of “edm” which is the corny loud kick drum laden, pop infused festival house music that has come to popularity with idiot young Americans. EDM is electronic dance music, and in most of the last 20 years, the term has been a describing term for the entire body of electronic genres…, techno, trance, dnb, breaks, electro, trip hop, etc etc. Here as of the last few years these poppy big room house artists have dubbed their sound as “EDM” as a genre name. So these days when you speak to a kid and say “do you like edm ?” The kid does not think of the entire body of electronic genres, but rather he identifies that term with the pop house sound of today. It’s awful I used to use the phrase religiously to describe this music and culture which i have been apart of since 1994…..but now hearing the phrase “edm” makes me fucking cringe. This corny ass pop house music is what Sasha is referring to. The sad thing is, most kids who just got into electronic music in the last few years can’t tel;l the difference between house, techno, trance, and “edm”. The kids these days are taught poorly and have no knowledge of this music and culture. This all started the moment David Guetta left house music and started making pop dance music….then Skrillex followed and then young teens of America hopped on. Before those 2 artists brought in the pop friendly vibe, young kids here in the states were listening to hip hop. All of this garbage since 2010, is an embarrassment to electronic culture…..this music is a voice of the underground and a counter culture movement. Pop culture does not belong here.

        1. That’s right!..I couldn’t agree more with you.I thought I was the only one or rather to be precise only among those ‘few sane’ people who actually have true sense of music and can understand the difference between ‘music’ and what seems to be ‘mere noise with a monotonous tune and drops at interval’ (which is called edm in today’s world). I don’t specifically hate this genre but the disc jockeys who make absurd noisy unpleasant songs. Well that being said, I do like some tracks of some selected good DJs which are really good no doubt BUT the overall of edm..kinda ALOT!

    2. uh-hemmm… EDM was used to describe a sub-genre of “electronica” in the early to mid 90’s that had a dance-able beat. groups and artists like prodigy, underworld and the chemical brothers. by the origin of the term can be traced back to the 80’s with techno-pop like the thompson twins, men without hats and boy george.

      1. Thanks, I figured the label had deeper roots. I only personally noticed this global EDM phenomenon starting to take shape after around 2006, after tech/electro-house, when pop music became 125 bpm, and when bass music became mainstream. I’m not sure about connecting it to movements in the 80s/90s, even if the label is the same. Maybe there are some interesting articles about EDM.

          1. I believe you are thinking of EBM — ‘Electronic Body Music’.

            Anyway, in 2002 you could still say to an average person from the US something like “I’m going to see some electronic music tonight” and they would be confused, as if you were suggesting a plugged in guitar were somehow novel and worth mentioning. EDM as a label came into heavy rotation at around the same time that those same average US kids realized “that techno shit” (as it was called in my day) might actually be interesting.

        1. That’s right mate, this short form ‘EDM’ was used by the US to create trend, and as we know,when something became a trend, pollutions, lotsa pollutions also involved and evolved, which is the birth of DJ faces who has 100%showmanship but utterly ZERO on skills by playing pre-recorded mixsets on stage, ghost producers behind them too.

  2. @tommiesunshine is still around? I think Sasha was directing this tweet at him specifically, because that guy is the walking definition of douche. how is he still relevant? i first met him when he worked at satellite records in atlanta – could smell the aroma of douche a mile away.

      1. Man… the audience reaction is even more lulz worthy than his “Rob Zombie has really let himself go” appearance.

        Watching to the end, as he’s trying to do some live remix that is obviously failing and flailing, the audience is just completely lost for a long stretch. If anything I think this reinforces the last major “EDM artist says EDM is shit” story, when Deadmau5 pointed out that doing live remixes just pisses off the audience; so everyone just pushes Play.

        1. Even funnier is the fact that everybody in this thread is acting exactly like Sasha.

          Quit bagging on shit and go do something positive.

          For christ’s sake, some of you are even making fun of the way this Sunshine guy looks. Really?

          1. yeah, really. if im paying $50 or more for a gig i’d like the performer to put forth a little more effort than just throwing on whatever ratty t-shirt was closest to the bed when he woke up at 3pm.

            1. its called “putting forth the effort” which is something that is totally lost on douchebag DJs (not saying all DJs are douchebags, mind you)

  3. So exactly what genre does Mr. Sasha believe his music belongs to? Are people who make “Epic House Ibiza Banger Tech Trance” *not* douchebags? 🙂

  4. EDM is a buzzword for buzz-wannabe buzz producers who are buzzing too much to call it Buzzstep because that was the buzz genre of #2012 and this is #2013/tonight on the floor.
    But the trille$t buzzters already know that new #buzz genre of #2K14 is DEEP HOUSE.
    So I went on #soundcloud and changed all of my mixes’ genre labels from #dubstep to #trap to #witch house then #EDM now #DEEP HOUSE

    1. Bro, you forgot Moomba already?! No, but seriously….2014 Vaporwave is gonna blow up, looks like Saint Pepsi is gonna go mainstream. Seen him gettin’ posted on all the buzz sites.

      1. Oh yeah, dude! But what about #ZoukBass!? Moomba might already be eclipsed! Vaporwave is so late 2K12. Those guys are burning out already on all the glue sniffing or whatever.

        1. Yeah. true vapor heads know that shit peaked with Floral Shoppe but the buzz sites are just getting on board now, like right now, this week, so it looks like it’s gonna be a vapory 2014.

          Oh, and let’s not forget Footwork, with DJ Rashad’s Double Cup making every buzzy best of 2013 list is there any doubt a wave of white guys will be dropping Footwork EPs all year hoping to hit the jackpot?

    2. Dude #DEEPHOUSE is so 2K11. You might as well use #ProgressiveTribal or #HARDSTEPTRANCECORE. The kidz these days are only gonna vibe on kool #buzzwordz like #TekWaveNuDub or #POSTTRAPCHILLBASS.

      Personally, I changed my soundcloud tags from #seapunk and #witchhouse (so 2K11) to #UpliftingCrunkTrance and #NuBass (so 2K14).

        1. Me too (also serious) A lot of the music called deep house at the moment, isn’t exactly deep house. This doesn’t mean that it’s all shit, you just have to search harder and deeper for some good tunes.

  5. Also, re: “EDM”, I found this Forbes description amusing:

    “It is fair to say that we are seeing something of an analog heyday, which coincides with an unprecedented craze for EDM (Electronic Dance Music) in the US, which has repackaged thirty years of British music history into a high octane rave culture.”

    That statement amuses me on several levels.

    1. True, but at least with IDM I had some idea of the sonics. EDM is the new catch-all for electronic music, same as was given to “techno” and “electronica”, just now with wobble bass.

    2. yeah, the problem is that a lot of people are self identifying as making EDM and there’s no way to make EDM and make good music. it’s filler. i mean, most of the good music out there was made by people trying to make music, straight up. i don’t think anyone that made good idm called their own stuff idm.

      1. EDM is like any other genre. 90% of it is crap, but there is good stuff out there. I think a few artists like Zedd (check out his Empire of the Sun remix), Seven Lions, and Matt Zo are producing great new music. You just have to wade through piles of shit to get to it.

  6. Sasha himself has proven over and over that he is himself a duchebags what makes his music different than eDM it sucks bug time mr. Plugin

  7. Most of you young douchebags don’t even know what dance music is all about, I reckon most of you weren’t even born when it exploded on the scene, Sasha was a great pioneer for dance music with legendary nights all across the uk, so get back in your prams , and he’s right electric dance music is for douchebags !

  8. I think synthopia is full of douchebags.
    Always complaining about a post from an idiot that post stupid stuff so that the readers can’t do anything else but writing a stupid comment on this stupid website that’s nothing have in comment with real syntheizers.
    An Ipad is not a synthesizer.
    A vst is not a synthesizer.
    The idiot from this website should better focus on real synths and nothing else but real hardware synthesizers.
    He should better post a stupid how to make that patch on a real synth than posting this garbage,no mather what ,a simple lazer blip sound or a fart sound is better than this crap.

    1. crazymthrfckr

      Thanks for the feedback!

      If you have some awesome fart sound videos that you’d like to share with Synthtopia readers, you can let us know via the Feedback link, which is at the top of each page of the site. This idiot loves a vulgar display of real synth power as much as the next.

      1. you can choose for Elisha Gray or for Alexander Graham Bell.
        This site is for the Alexander Graham Bell people.
        Elisha Gray f*ck*d Alexander Graham Bell in the ear when he invented the synthesizer( A REAL ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT,NOT AN APP)
        Alexander Graham Bell was a thief and is the reason why everybody can bother everybody with their telephone.
        And fuck sasha for his stupid roland 90’s music.
        Who cares about equador anyway?
        There is nothing there?

  9. Sasha commenting on music is rather comical, he is hardly Juan Atkins. Pop kid trying to be offensive, shocking stuff. He is one notch away from being as bland as Richie Hawtin.

  10. Music is music. Let’s face it, the only reason to put a label on art is to try to get someone who doesn’t get it to buy it. Making a broad generalized statement like I hate “genre here” truly shows you don’t get it….

    1. I’m not even sure what my stuff is called these days. LOL! Too many little sub genres to count. When asked I always just say it’s experimental. After all, all synths were born from lab equipment anyway. Saying it falls in to a certain genre is just a trap. Listen to it, if you like then you like it right? Everything else is so the marketing folks can draw pretty graphs for the record company VP who truly don’t get it…

  11. Regardless of what peeps think of him, sasha is right and has been around far longer than most of those “top 100” djs. For those that know, who were there, sasha in the late 80s/ early 90s stood against the hardcore breakbeat crap that dominated the rave scenes and focused on more progressive sounds. Likely his and digweeds fault that we have “progressive house” nowadays.

    I met sasha and have seen him mix directly. He is one of the few that don’t mime actually. So he has some credibility and sure he’s made money from the game.

    And he is still going after 2.5 decades and can command headline spots.

    Don’t matter if he is a douchebag, but he does have the experience and authority to tell the truth- EDM aka 4/4 house based commercial music IS made by douchebags for trendy douchebags.

    EDM of course stands for electronic dance music and should cover all genres but unfortunately the Tiesto/ van Burren fan boys have ascribed this term to mean only house based music.

    Like him or not, Sasha is right and is likely pissed off with the general scene despite being stuck in it due to his specific career and skills.

    1. i think he is just pissed because people finally found out what a dj is doing and so let everyone that is able to press <> rock their parties

      i think if someone produces music, like in the original sense of writing/playing/programming music, its cool
      no matter if you like the output, its still a creative idea that spread out of another human beeing, and thats fascinating anyways.

      whats weak, and kinda douchbaggy, is to take some loops and hook them together, or to be a dj that goes a step further and takes whole tracks and hooks them together.

      but to hear a song in the head and write it down/make it audible for other people is always cool, like paintings, you cant say a painting crap, or a different art is crap.
      you just dont do that, its insulting and shows that you are no artist yourself, but rather see it as a commercial competition where you have to make more money and be ahead of your competitors to be the “best”

  12. I was kind of happy with the term EDM as I understood it spans all styles of electronic made dance music….
    So no more dark house deep house kidz house euro house or stupid name calling styles….
    But I guess I was wrong….

    Can’t we just call it MUSIC?

    1. yeah me too

      edm is great!

      for me its just the main category, where all kind of electronic musicstyle is in

      its rock, pop, classical music, country and edm

      its missing a few, but the point is that all electronic music styles fall under edm, so dont diss it 🙂

  13. honestly to use the EDM in my eyes has become a derogatory term to class mainstream electronic music. it doesn’t necessarily take any form of talent to make it these days and the market is flooded with sub-par musical composition. a person that truly enjoys electronic music won’t use a generalized steroetype name such as EDM, it is a term the “trendies” tend to use. the same people that use the term EDM have no clue of the subtle differences between minimal techno, deep techno, micro house, deep house or any of the other classifications of 4/4 music like nu-disco. don’t even get me started with breaks, dnb, drumstep , triphop or hiphop… not to be confused with hoppop as EDM is now confused with electronic genres… EDM is just the new title for mass produced “club” music.

    1. no its just a name that this part of the music-industry got because people found out that electronic music is here to stay

      so they gave it a new category thats open enough to cover all kind of electronic music

      and if you like it or not, that category is called EDM ^^

      1. considering “electronic” music started in the 70’s and the term EDM was officially used in the 80’s…
        by the time i was playing +8, harthouse, stickman and nova-mute vinyls in the mid 90’s they had a genre for eletronic music known as electronica. at that point in time you could find prodigy, underworld, daft punk, nitzer ebb and a bunch of others in the same area. by the end of the 90’s you could buy your MIN_S records in the same section. if you don’t remember this, you maybe too young to have input.
        some of us realized a long time ago that this style of music wasn’t a trend, but a way of life. we are also the same people that called ourselves “party kids” due to the fact that ravers just showed up for the party and the drugs… look where those trendies got us.
        to make something “mainstream” is to stuck the intelligence and creativity out of it so it can be soft served it to the public, after all the majority of the public doesn’t like to think or be challenged.

  14. Considering Sasha put out some *relatively* quality music, such as Xpander and to a lesser extent Airdrawndagger, but his fans wanted more stuff like Involver and Invol2ver ?from him, I can see why he would say this.

    1. Airdrawndagger is a great album. If you think it would be Sasha’s typical progressive house/trance album, you’d be dead wrong. Very atmospheric, IDM-like, almost. Many of the songs have much different tempo and wouldn’t even mix properly with dance music. If you haven’t heard it, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s one of the few albums from that time (2002) that I still listen to occasionally.

  15. Most of dance involves the most elementary use of the equipment, which bores me, which in turn makes me feel like an elitist when I use 5 or 6 instruments in most everything I write. William Orbit is not a purely “dance” artist, nor is Paul Haslinger, but those two produce TRULY intelligent music that often has a great beat as part of the mix. They’re lyrical and they create melodies you can whistle, whereas too many people begin and end with the damned beat. I’m wired to The Beat in general, but not as the #1 aspect to the dismissal of so many others, including real dynamics. I can enjoy just improving over a metronome, but I CHANGE what I play as I go, whereas too much so-called IDM is more like a washing machine than not. Y’know how you can subtly change the accent on a drum machine or step-sequencer and suddenly get a happening swing effect? That’s the ultimate core problem with dance: FAR too few people explore the swing. I’m hungry for good variety. Dance is generally the same ladle of rat stew, day after year. ZZzzzz…..

    1. You sound like some guy whose music brain has been warped by too many hours practicing classic music’s top hits as a child…

      You know who is the master of getting swing out of drum machines? Hip-hop producers out of the MPC era like DJ Premier, Pete Rock, etc. but I have no doubt that you hate hip-hop. So claiming it’s all about swing is bogus.

      Anyways, yeah the kick and snare are pretty much going to fall on the same beats so you can mix it, duh, it isn’t radio music with ads for cheeseburgers and car insurance in between in each track…but ultimately the groove in house comes from the interaction of the bass with the drums which varies widely from genre to genre and track to track.

      And the truth is house music is based on a rock beat so come off it!

      Now tell me this shit doesn’t swing:

      1. Is it time to put the conditioner in yet? Where are the other 4 or more tracks that would make it a whole piece? Its so thin, if it turns sideways, it’ll disappear. There’s minimalism and then there’s just not trying hard enough.

    1. This is the type of B.S. that attracts the idiots to the world of electronic music that assume that they too can be an artist and fly in a jet. So you see them pop up on forums asking stupid ass questions on how to spend daddy’s money… Like “what synth should I get? I’ve been reading a lot of people saying they like the Moog Voyager, but I’ve also read a lot of people saying they like the Virus TI. What do they both do better than the other? I mainly want really good presets. I don’t have the time to really make sounds, I usually just flip through the presets and maybe tweek them a little bit to make it perfect.” – I basically just paraphrased a real post I read recently. It’s ignorance on fine display. If you don’t even know that a Voyager / TI comparison is like comparing apples to orangutans, AND you can’t program, then WTF makes you think you need to drop $2k-4k on something which you are completely and thoroughly ignorant. (That’s rhetorical) these people need to fall into a volcano. If it’s a high enough fall, it doesn’t even have to be an active one.

      1. Just to balance this a little: There have always been many people who don’t know how the things they use work. Do I know how exactly the ESP in a modern works? No, but I can look it up. Would I be able to build one? Probably not because I lack the proper tooling and engineering knowledge. That wouldn’t stop me from using me sub-par driving ability in a car with an ESP. Mostly the same thing with synthesizers. Most users of synthesizers fall in the intersection of the groups “can’t play a keyboard instrument” and “don’t know enough about electronics to understand the basics” (assuming we’re talking about subtractive synthesis). And even people who in theory know enough to understand these machines called synthesizers to a great extent often do not really care as long as they get the results they want. It’s about the music after all. Let’s not forget that some great musicians who used synthesizers are mostly ignorant about how to program them.

        1. If you can’t program a moog voyager within a week, there is something wrong with you. The two great learning curves of my electronic music life was a) Rebirth 338 and b) Nord Rack 2. Was all pretty easy from there…

  16. EDM? I had to search “EDM Artists” to even find out who these people are. Douche-bags for Douchebags?? I wouldn’t argue against that. Certainly nothing any self respecting fan of electronic music would have anything to do with. EDM seems to be a fad for the MTV crowd. It’ll pass. Who ever Skrillex, Afrojack and Swedish Mafia are… They all suck. I listened to a few tracks just now and it’s trash. Like trance was in about 1999-2000. Garbage.

  17. Was just thinking. This word douchebag was likely made up by a douchebag to describe other douchebags:)

    Such a stupid word, I think “twat” is a far better term for people who act like sheep

  18. I took a little time to consider what Dubstep was trying to say. The answer finally came to me: “Look, I own a copy of Ableton Live!” Rats, I was hoping for a little more.

  19. Originally reported about a year ago:

    As I assume Sasha was referring to the music that he considers noisy shit. Fine, he has the right to express his opinion. Personally, I prefer instrumental music that some people label to be techno (think Kismet, DrumCode, HotFlush) because I get enough vocals living with three females day in and day out. Give me electronic drums, a driving bass line and some minimal synth melodies with cool effects and I’m happy for years… I’ve grown tired of guitars, but I will always love synthesizers. Be nice to one another. We all like something different.

  20. On another note, if you want to hear real electronic dance music that hasn’t been watered down for the sheep: YouTube ~ Deep Pumpin Minimal Techno Spass haben Mix by Knod AP. Warning its only for the headstrong!

  21. In regards to the downrated post that everyone here is a douche, you’re welcome to your opinion even if you’re wrong.
    Me? I’m happy people DO post here.
    Take a look at Matrixsynth nowadays. No posts. Lots of ads.
    Items shown that aren’t as interesting as shown here on Synthtopia.
    I’ll stay here, thank you, whether I’m a douche or not.

    As for EDM (et al), what did anyone expect?
    When we gave a musician just a piano, they learned to control the only things they could: the keys.
    Now synths (no matter what your definition is of a synth) are computers keeping time, playing notes and making changes completely automatically.
    So what do we control now? The knobs. What that sequence of notes is.
    The beat. The tempo.
    It’s very natural for man to want to control what he can.

    My gripe is that much EDM (and even this original author said “MOST edm”, not all… so don’t take his as a blanket statement) just doesn’t make for a good show.
    There’s not a lot of performance to a guy spinning records or moving his finger on an Ipad. You can’t see that from the 9th row.
    I’m no Kiss fan, but that’s the difference here: there’s not much of a show.
    When people come to a show, they want a visual AND auditory experience.
    That’s what’s lacking in (again) “most” EDM.

  22. meh… just whining.
    I actually think EDM is a great catch all. It’s electronic dance music. Created electronically, meant to be danced to… you could certainly get crazy with needing new genres to describe every facet of every sound, but I really think that unless your stuff sounds radically different, it’s easier to just say EDM. Kraftwerk, depeche mode, c&c music factory, republica, prodigy, chem bros, vnv nation, front 242, skrillex, daft punk… basically EDM. I always thought it was weak to have subclasses that are meant to define but don’t do much to define (idm, ebm). If even the fans hardly ever know what a genre name implies… how does that label do us any good? Oh, and crap tons of artists of all stripes are douchey, and as it turns out, lots of douches consume art in all forms….

  23. How you guys can argue over a meaningless term like “electronic dance music” is hillarious. Why is it so bad people like to dance to this stuff? There’s tons of different electronic music out there, if you don’t like some of it, then you don’t have to listen to it.

  24. Without Sasha, and people like him, all of you EDM people would still be listening to Eminem and all the other watered down hip-hop you’ve been listening to for the last 20 years. What really, really pisses the older generation off about the EDM movement, is that the artists seem to have taken the very worst elements of what has gone before (cheese), and made them much worse. Whereas all the best elements (soul, art, creatity) have been forgotten in the horrible race for the US $.

    No matter really, as everybody in the industry knows that sooner or later, America will tire of EDM and move on to the next fad.

  25. Theres plenty of douchebaggery going on in practically every genre or little pigeon hole that you can slot any particular tune or vibe into. There are even douchebags that will argue over which tune goes in which box. What I believe is that douchebaggery abounds in as much as anyone who can stick a few riffs together and press play is a DJ/Producer. Sasha is probably right and he’s laughing all the way to the bank. Should anyone really care? Nope. Lets all just get on with what we’re doing and do our best not to join the ranks eh?

  26. EDM; Something that Americans outside of Detroit back in the 90’s used as an umbrella term for all the the 4/4 that came from everywhere else. Now, the term has changed, the shoe never fit to begin with and the old guard, of diverse musical output such as Dave Clarke and Sasha have intimated that it is an affront to the roots of the platform they cavalierly steer towards the diarrhoea iceberg with a pre-recorded set.

  27. THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss-THUMP-tsss-TACK-tsss…
    Isn’t that what everyone is talking about? Isn’t that what Sasha does? And I’ve never heard of him until I saw this article. That’s how closely I follow dance music of any kind. (That’s sarcasm if you didn’t catch it.)

  28. Heres my professional take on his comment. Sasha had a great run with music. He had some major bangers back in the day. So did a lot of other guys who are cursing the edm scene. Now on the other hand Djs complain about DJ’s because there too many, their saturated, yada yada yada. Heres the deal, Tiesto, Carl Cox, Armand Van Helden, their not complaining why? Just like in everything if you don’t evolve you die. Heres a guy who could easily keep his name alive and rather sit there and complain. In one week I can get this guy back to the top but hes like all the other guys that were mainstream in the 90’s early 2000 and now work at low end clubs or bars keeping whatever fan base alive. You might not like this comment but it is 100 percent true. Hey sasha if your reading these comments, lets remake Ecuador in a edm track, ill teach you how to do it :/

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