Verbos Electronics Intros Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Line

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Verbos Electronics has introduced a line of synthesizers modules in Eurorack format.

The modules are designed by Mark Verbos, who is known to many in the synth community for his work with vintage Buchla systems, as well as custom modules that work with them. Verbos’ designs are focused on discrete transistor circuits, hardware cmos logic and various vintage electronics design techniques. While retro-inspired, though, the modules are a designed with ‘an understanding of how modular gear is used by this generation’.

Here’s the official intro video:

Verbos Electronics Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Images:

The current lineup of modules includes:

  • AMPLITUDE & TONE CONTROLLER – The Amplitude & Tone controller is a totally discrete VCA with simultaneous exponential and linear CV input. It also contains an all discrete, Vactrol based VCF with diode limited resonance. It also has a discrete input gain stage. Careful balancing of the input gain and resonance control sets the mix of self oscillation and input signal, distorted on the VCA input if desired.
  • COMPLEX OSCILLATOR – In the West Coast philosophy of synthesis, one oscillator modulating another is a classic way of creating rich timbres. Voltage control of the modulation and of the waveshape is essential for evolving the sounds from whatever CV sources.
  • DUAL FOUR POLE – Like a time traveler from the tape music studios in San Francisco and New York in the 1960s, this dual filter (based on the core of a classic all discrete transistor filter built way back then), arrives to your studio. The left side is a hipass filter with two cutoff CV inputs, each with a reversing attenuator and voltage controlled resonance. The right side is a lowpass filter with two cutoff CV inputs, each with a reversing attenuator and voltage controlled resonance.
  • HARMONIC OSCILLATOR – For the first time in Eurorack, this oscillator module provides outputs for the first 8 harmonics as sine waves. Also included are triangle, saw, square waves. A voltage controlled mixer with various methods of address allows the user to scan, tilt and mix the harmonics from both panel and external voltage control.
  • VOLTAGE MULTISTAGE – In theory, a sophisticated enough control voltage source can replace all of the control voltage sources in a modular system. That includes saw, square, pulse, triangle LFOs, AR, AD, ADSR, multistage envelopes, tracking generators, quantizers and of course sequencers. It is not practical to actually replace all of these with one module type, but the Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage can create any of these control signals. As a sequencer, it has switchable slides and gates on each stage. Gate are output musically to match slides and stepped stages. As a multistage envelope, any stage can be the sustain. Stage “TIME” can be voltage controlled.

Verbos Modular Demo Videos:

The Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator:

The Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator:

The Verbos Electronics Dual Four Pole Filter:

The Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage:

The Verbos Electronics modules are available exclusively via Analogue Haven.

16 thoughts on “Verbos Electronics Intros Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Line

  1. looking forward to demos. some new twists here it would seem. also glad to see Elektron making short films for others now! ;D

  2. Voltage multistage sounds incredible. Modules like that or the make noise Maths etc. really make me want to build a modular. I wish that kind of flexible modulation would be added to soft synths and digital synths. They seemed to all be stuck with ADSR’s and LFO’s with a mod matrix. I like the idea of flexible, undefined modulators that can perform multiple functions that respond in interesting ways to other modulators. Though I suppose control voltage is better suited for this type of a paradigm.

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