8 thoughts on “Ambient Soundscape On The Yamaha AN1x Synthesizer

  1. I had an AN1x about ten years ago. It was a nice machine that did a couple of things very well: really nice sounds (even decent presets), deep VA architecture (with one of the best 18dB filters I heard) and great keyboard action for the price. In comparison the current gen JP-8000 and Nord Lead 1 were not as deep and versatile. This machine could do it all, even with the notably inferior layered interface. I finally got rid of it because of two problems: begin one of the first generation VAs it had a terrible knob resolution, specially with high resonances, you could literally count the steps. Secondly, my unit would make horrible noises in cold weather until it was warm. It was awful and I wish Yamaha did a modern version of these to get rid of those small bugs.

  2. Yes, a wonderful sound from these beasties. I never got on with the interface though. Too many multiple function encoders. Plus, mine used to issue a loud digital crack whenever the processor was overloaded. Shame.

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