Electric Trombone & Funky Filtatron


Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s something a little different – a funky ‘electric trombone’ jam.

The video, via Hadyn Godfrey, captures him having a ‘funky good time’ demonstrating his electric trombone setup.

The setup uses an Ebrass Mute to capture the trombone sound, Blue Mikey as a line-in, connected to iPad, running Moog’s Filtatron to create the wah filter effect.

14 thoughts on “Electric Trombone & Funky Filtatron

    1. I think you should read the text also. Not just look at the pretty pictures and the movies.

      Its like saying: “If I want to see a hairy creature playing a keybord ….I go to a synthforum?”
      I take it you never use samples from real life such as….. oh say, drums?

    2. crazymthrfckr,
      It’s pretty clear after reading through your other comments, that you’re synthtopia’s new professional troll. Not that I mind a properly crafted troll, but yours just aren’t clever or funny…

  1. That yamaha mute that has an audio out has been around for years (not dissing, just saying). It does have lots of potential for allowing one to process the trombone as a “raw oscillator” or just dry audio.

    I think coupled with something like JamUp or Turnado, could make some pretty wild tones.

  2. Really enjoyed this, especially since I was at Moog while filtatron was being developed. Nice to see some applications like this.

    It reminds me of a question I had recently though. Jon Hassell has done some amazing work with trumpet and effects, and a lot of trumpet players have followed in his footsteps. Anyone know of any trombone players using a similar style and effects set up? Breathy embouchure trombone glissandos through harmonizers out there anywhere?

  3. Long ago they used to put a transducer on the mouthpiece stem to send out a “version” of the sound to be processed. This would behave even more like a oscillator in the sense that it lacks the resonance of the bell, etc. Those have vanished from the brass world as far as I know.

    Seems like a worthwhile avenue to pursue– but yea, I guess technically it isn’t a pure synth in that it requires more than button pressing. Settle down. I kid.

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