Infected Mushroom, Inside The ‘Shroom Room’

This video, via Musiciansfriend, features psytrance duo Infected Mushroom (Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani).

In the video, Infected Mushroom gives you a look into the ‘Shroom Room’, discusses how they use gear in live shows, including the Smithson Martin Emulator controller, and discuss their latest music.

22 thoughts on “Infected Mushroom, Inside The ‘Shroom Room’

  1. Can anybody name the speakers, they got behind their backs?
    I know, that they are custom built and super expensive, unfortunately I forgot the manufacturers name.

  2. Hah, Erez looks really frustrated through most of the video. No wonder, Duvdev is talking all the time, even over Erez, and the video seems to be most of him doing stuff, even though Erez is the guy who is making Infected Mushroom interesting (or has done so in the past when it still rocked my socks off with each and every song they made). Perhaps Erez starts to get tired with Duvdev’s stuff, especially now that he has “The Emulator”. 😉

  3. yeah what is that track ball looking thing… is that a mouse transport?!?! i have been looking for one of those!

    these guys were great live, saw them at terminal 5. one of the coolest things happened at the end of their main tour set. erez came down and played music on a keyboard for the audience while duvdev sang. this reached out to me because when i was in college i had an electronic music duo thingy going on and we werent using ableton or anything, we basicly had our midi controllers and a mixer interface, he used fruity loops and i used reason and we mixed between our program files live. we learned alot about live performance from that and its possibilities and limitations. we used to have to actually remove parts of the song and play over them on the keyboards or trigger samples and sequences with the drum pads..

    it is really hard as a producer to bring your songs to an audience without just DJ’ing it. i think duv dev mught get carried away with effects and stuff on the controller because he things there is an urgency to show the audience they the person standing behind the computer is engaged in what is happening. it is frustrating at times and you almost find your self acting and moving your arms around actually going nothing, you have to fight it with discipline and come up with very well executed and rehearsed mapping and show plans. that is how i saw it anyway. it is effing exhausting.

  4. No offense to you lovers of edm, but if Psy-Trance, dubstep, and the other various forms of 140bpm, noise-based edm were all that were left to listen to, I’d give up on listening altogether. Does anyone else find this type of electronic music to be utterly annoying shiteinabucket? It kills me that they’ve got a studio full of keyboards, sound mods and effect pods, and expensive monitors, yet they could easily make those tracks using the presets within Propellerheads Reason 5. BWAp-pap-pap-pap-ahp-ahp-ahp-baaaawowowoww. Stop it! Booooo! That music is horrible.

    1. It’s ok that you don’t like it. But going into the trouble of saying that one could easily do it with Reason’s presets… I mean, I’d love to see you try just so you could measure the level of stupidity on your comment. And if you happen to do it, there’s a whole lot of money waiting for you when you get there – so you can get the fancy equiment to. But they were pioneers in EDM (I know you don’t like it, but) long before they had such a studio, and even though their music is not to my taste either, EDM is just another form of music, takes time and effort and a lot of skills, even if grandpa can’t get it, ok?

      1. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so harsh on the dubstep duo, and perhaps I gave the reading audience a bit too much credit for measuring moderate facetiousness within the context of my post. OR, perhaps you’re underestimating the creative potential of Reason presets, especially when one knows which modifier knobs to turn for optimum wahwahwah effect? I did feel somewhat badly about posting such a biased critique of Psy-Trance boys work. I probably should have said nothing and navigated away from the page as quickly as possible, but I had just been debating religion versus atheism with a ‘blessed’ moron, so I was in an agitated mood. By the way, Grampa here (44 years old) has been producing electronic music under various monikers for 27 years, DJing at big room clubs since the age of 19 and being loyal to “quality” underground music, though I will admit my tastes are rather discerning. Perhaps I should apologize for not “getting it.”

        1. hmm.. why dont you post some links to your own productions of “quality” underground music so we can determine for ourselves if you are even remotely as awesome as you think you are? that might be fun

          1. I shouldn’t have posted anything negative about other people’s work, because clearly negativity isn’t necessary, is it? Sorry. Again, I was in a pissy mood. Now, I imagine you were asking me to post something I’d produced because you were guessing I hadn’t released anything. I might have done the same thing in your shoes. Here are a few selected tracks I released and licensed. You’ll have to enjoy turn of the millennium progressive house with techno influences to find any enjoyment in these tracks. If you’re a fan of dubstep or EDM, this style, admittedly will NOT please you. Critique away. I can take it.

            Barrier – Sphere (Licensed to Global Underground Nu Breed Anthony Pappa)

            Bandwidth 1.1 – Robb & Skinner
            Bandwidth Audio Project

            Barrier (Robb & Skinner Remix) – Sphere

            Capsid – Sphere
            Electric City Records

            Deep As F**k – Sphere

            Deep(er) Progress (Sphere Remix) – Raff N Freddy

            Foundation – Accorsi & Robb

            Ganymede (Robb & Skinner’s Harsh Reality Mix) – Bassetti

            Gravity – Sphere (Licensed to Global Underground 011 Nick Warren Budapest)

            Gravi Tech – Sphere (Licensed to Global Underground 014 John Digweed Hong Kong)

            Helix – Accorsi & Robb

            I Love Sound – Sphere

            Now Witness (Robb & Skinner “Bandwidth Audio” Remix) – DKMA

            Refresh My Memory (Tim Skinner Remix co-produced by Sphere) – Odessa

            Rising up (Sphere’s Deep Mix) – Delicious

            Salvation (Sphere Remix) – Lorient

            Senses (Sphere’s Smart Ass Remarks Mix) – Liam Shachar

            Set The Mood – Sphere & Accorsi

            Sweet (Robb & Skinner Remix) – Odessa

            Take It Hard – Sphere & Accorsi

            The Dark (Robb & Skinner’s Stuck In Traffic Remix) – Nash T

            The Love (Robb & Skinner’s Grounded Remix) – Fade

            Zion (Sphere’s See The Light Mix) – Pat Foosheen

  5. My post with the links you asked for is awaiting moderation. Hopefully they’ll approve it… and hey! If it makes you feel better, you should know that I live quite a sad, lonely and solitary life. Because I don’t socialize particularly well, I can’t hold onto friends… I find it annoying that people can’t accept honesty, even if it makes them uncomfortable.

    1. no i figured you had produced something, because you clearly take a great deal of pride in yourself which i wouldnt imagine coming from nowhere…

      but, honestly – since im sure you can appreciate that – your stuff is pretty boring to me.. the technical quality is ok, but its pretty rote “progressive” style stuff that i find unappealing.. im not a fan of dubstep either, i think its shit – but yeh, you arent “quality” to me either

      perhaps you understand that music is a matter of taste and opinion though.. so everyone will not necessarily appreciate and enjoy the same things, and one persons “crap” is another persons “cool”.. and it seems an inability to grasp such realization is often a deathknell for creativity in general, as it warps a persons mind into being imprisoned in their own tiny little myopic world of self-referential “greatness” – which is then taken as a badge of honor and “hardcore” status… but in reality, its just a lonely spiral into narcissistic entropy

      but yeh man, suffer for your art – its like, so emo, dude

      1. Thanks for the honest reply. I fully anticipated and deserved the lecture. You’re a good person for what you’ve written. I appreciate your perspective. I wish you well.

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