Elektron Announces Analog Rytm 8-Voice Drum Machine

Elektron is teasing a new drum machine, the Analog Rytm, to be officially introduced at the 2014 NAMM Show.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Introducing: Analog Rytm

Ladies and gentlemen – we are incredibly proud to present our latest machine. We give you: Analog Rytm.

It is an eight voice analog drum machine with sample support. Distinguished by the power of analog drum sounds fused with samples. Perfected by the immediacy of drum pads coupled with Elektron sequencing.

Key Features:

  • 8-voice analog drum machine
  • Sample support
  • Analog filter & distortion per voice
  • 12 velocity and pressure sensitive pads
  • Reverb & delay send effects

Details are to come later this week at the NAMM Show.

55 thoughts on “Elektron Announces Analog Rytm 8-Voice Drum Machine

  1. Bought and sold a tempest as well as an A4, lured in by the promise of modern sequencing and control coupled with analog sound, ultimately disappointed by menus, grids, and reality and reverting to sh-101 coupled with volcas. Is it time to learn this expensive lesson again? The lights are so bright…

    1. dude. if you find the a4 to be too menu driven than youd best just stick with micro brutes or ms20 mini

      honestly, i find the lack of menu diving when on the a4 to be one of its best features. and the small ammount of menus you do use, basically just the +drive searching is actually becoming unnoticable to me.

      1. Really? That’s interesting. My impression was that while you might not need to dive into too many menus the screen is so small and changes for each parameter you’re touching, you actually need a glossary so you can remember what SPD GAIN DEC WID FDB HLF ONE and all the other acronyms stand for.

        No criticism, if it doesn’t bother you, then I’m jealous cos it bugs the hell out of me.

      1. I own all the machines and can confirm that the A4 is the most tedious to edit because of the menus. In a live situation it can be annoying, actually in any situation it can be annoying. Obviously based on the form factor they can’t put on 50 knobs but the point is most people using analog synths want instant access to parameters or *gasp* even access to multiple, unrelated parameters simultaneously. What would be awesome is if Elektron released an assignable controller/knob box for their machines so you could avoid jumping through menus while performing. There are a few options out there but nothing too great.

        1. Eh? In the performance mode the 10 knobs top right can be mapped to up to 5 parameters each for ridiculous amounts of control in live performance use! Each of these setups is associated with a kit so you can instantly switch between massively different performance interface setups… It’s extraordinary!

          Seriously, if you still have your A4 you’re going to be in heaven πŸ™‚

  2. I’m excited!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see how Elektron is going to impliment the analog and sample sections. I hope they allow for layering. Will the kick be awesome? Will it have the sequencer of an updated machinedrum? Will it use compact flash/sd card? Can it sequence external gear? Differnt analog “machines” for different sound types? How about the effect sections? per part? Do the pads feel good? How many outputs? Eeeeeeee!!!!!! (little girl scream). I can’t contain myself!!!! πŸ˜›

  3. Unless you are watching a YouTube video of someone plunking away on this I doubt anyone would be able to tell they are hearing the precious sounds of a $1500 drum machine. But, if I had money to waste and wanted to set myself apart from the next guy who only had a 16 pad Machine then I would definitely drop loads of money for this 12 pad secret weapon and start making YouTube videos.

    1. Not if the Elektron is $1500 and the Roland is $350. Different markets. Not everybody is in the market for an analog drum machine. Plus, the Roland machines will be in all stores, whereas I only see Elektron stuff in select shops. Trust, I’m very interested to check out this new Elektron machine, but saying it’s going to “kill” the AIRA is short-sighted.

      1. If the AIRA TR-08 is quite a bit less menu-driven than the Rytm I will lean toward the AIRA. My _guess_ is that the Elektron will be more fiddly but will yield a lot more modulation options. But, if I can’t get something going fast, I probably won’t be that into it no matter what it sounds like or how much sound-design potential it has.

      2. I’d say even if the Aira is $600, Roland is safe. Assuming it sounds good. The Aira appears to be streamlined for instant live performance. Knobs and sliders for every drum sound have been missing from drum machines for a long time and I think it’s nice to see them return. The Elektron stuff is great but they’re very different beasts. I’m willing to bet most of the people who praise the Elektron stuff haven’t actually used it, not that it isn’t deserving of praise but there’s also plenty to be critical about.

  4. Looks like shit, it really makes me said. Just A4 engine in another package. Who need a4 specialized for drums? Only Elektron fans.
    There the OT successor?

  5. I gotta agree that this is too expensive for what it seems to be. Doesn’t Elektron already make an overpriced Analog drum machine? Why 12pads? This doesn’t make any sense at all. I don’t understand why I would buy one of these over a Machinedrum. Isn’t that also an analog drum machine? Can we see something under a thousand dollars please. This is BS

    1. Machinedrum is not analog and has 12bit sampling (the UW version). I bought a machinedrum just 3 months ago and i guess i will keep it…

    2. lol. you honestly think the A4 is an overpriced analog drum machine?

      4 voice multi-mode polyphonic with ext cv seq? what drum machine needs two osc, two sub osc and a noise on a single voice? your clueless man

  6. looks like he was dialling a number, or punching in to a calculator, probably working out how to pay for it and ringing his bank manager for a second mortgage.

    didn’t they hike their prices by 15% before christmas?

  7. WHY THE F**** did the feel the need to put those vomit inducing coloured pads on it?? I really and I mean really really really hate those electro-house shades on any hardware and will never buy a Machine or this POS (if only pecause of that).

    (OR …I’ll buy it and mod it w. white leds:)

  8. Whatever the actual specs are, I think that including those drum pads is a good move for Elektron. This is the first time ever they’ve had a machine that beatmakers who are used to MPC style machines can actually use. Even if the are only 12 pads. Lets just hope they’re velocity sensitive, unlike the pads on the new Roland synth.

  9. Elektron products are great fun, but i’m pretty sure most of us will prefer other gear in a studio with eyes closed and ears wide open. And i mean cheaper gear.
    Listen closely, A4 is no Moog.
    If you can afford it go for it, fun you will get.
    If you don’t work harder, the result will be better, and more original.

      1. Actually A4 is way more pricey than a Moog Slim Phatty or Minitaur for exemple.
        For the money you can buy a few different mono synths but you won’t get the fun interface. but you will get more soundwise, that was my point.

        1. the built in sequencers are definatly a worthy selling point.

          honestly, without the seq id go somewhere else. something slightly cheaper. but man, love that classic x0x seq with a modern twist.

  10. If it’s based on the A4, no thanks. I have an A4 and it’s got some of the weakest sounding oscillators of any synth I’ve owned/own. It’s still an interesting synth because there’s nothing quite like it but I’d want much stronger oscillators for a drum machine equivalent.

      1. no it isnt, if you would inform yourself before posting or used the a4 you would know that the a4 changes osc waveforms through the octaves.

        its already known, and the workflow to get them right is by using the filters, this is where you probably caught the word filters when reading some posts with one eye closed πŸ˜‰

        1. The filter is a different issue that is apparently improved in the last os update. However, the raw oscillators, regardless of octave, are pretty weak, actually some of the weakest sounding analog oscillators I’ve ever heard. It’s still an interesting machine but it’s got its limitations. It’s a shame so many people are distracted by it being analog because the Monomachine is way more interesting.

  11. I had a Machinedrum before and just ran an MPD16 into it via MIDI cable…16 velocity sensitive pads. This looks interesting though… If you can layer sample sounds with analog synthesized sounds, that would be incredible.

  12. Basically Roland drum machines are the blue print of what a drum machine is .
    They did not invent them, but they made machines that remain unbeaten .
    Others manufacturers wan’t a bit of that market , but it is Rolands domain.
    Aria machines are eagerly awaited. Good luck electron, your gear is expensive .

    1. What year are you living in?
      Your logic is that of a five year old.
      The classic gear is good because of the engineers, not corporations.
      And rolands domain is accordions and home keyboards.

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