New Soundset For Supernova II

soundset-for-notation-supernova-iiSounds for Synth has released a brand new soundbank, Gotham, containing 128 patches for the Novation Supernova / Supernova II synthesizers.

The sounds range from cloned vintage sounds, beautiful pads, thick basses, piercing leads to dreamy keys and FM sounds.

Here’s an audio demo of the Gotham patch library:

The Gotham soundbank for Novation Supernova II is available for US $25 at the Sounds For Synth site.

via Soren Hybel

8 thoughts on “New Soundset For Supernova II

  1. That would be great if those synths were not so rare. The Nova seems to appear used for around $400 and it still beats the heck out of most current synths. A Supernova is far more the uber-synth to beat than most recent things. (Good luck even finding one now.) Novation’s mini-synths have the great sound quality of their ancestors, but there’s no beating the pleasure of really playing the earlier knob-rich beauties. A Supernova, especially the II model, is on a certain par with a Prophet-12. Both are meant to be tweezed, as the presets only hint at the inner powers. They’re pretty much modulars in slab-synth clothing.

  2. I’m lucky enough to own a 48 voice SuperNovation Rack. It’s an awesome synth. And these are awesome sounds for it. Thanks.

    1. May I borrow it for the weekend? I’ll sample the hell out of the presets and have it back in top shape before “The Simpsons” appear on Sunday, promise.

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