M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro Combines Drum Pad Control & Hardware Step Sequencing


At the 2014 NAMM Show, M-Audio introduced the Trigger Finger Pro, an advanced performance pad controller with onboard sequencing and software integration.

Trigger Finger Pro is a portable, 16-pad (4×4 configured) instrument with onboard sequencing. The Trigger Finger Pro draws from its predecessor’s performance pad roots, but features significantly improved hardware design and additional features.

The Trigger Finger Pro comes with Arsenal – a virtual drum machine app that can be used within your DAW or standalone. Along with AIR Drums and Hybrid 3 plug-ins, Trigger Finger Pro includes 8 GB of ready-to-play sounds, loops, one-shots with content from Black Anomaly, Prime Loops, Toolroom Records, and more.

It also offers an onboard step sequencer and hardware MIDI out, so you can use the Trigger Finger Pro to sequence hardware synths in sync with software beats.  

Key Features:

  • 16 Ultra-Responsive Pads – velocity sensitive, illuminated pads with RGB feedback
  • Onboard Step Sequencer – accompanied by 16 backlit keys, and high-res screen
  • Extensive Expression Controls – 48 assignable controls are offered between 4 faders, 4 knobs, and 4 buttons with 4 banks each, and includes pitch bend, modulation and more
  • Arsenal Software – allows for instant DAW/VST integration with full tactile control parameters; or operates as a standalone program with powerful presets & VI’s
  • AIR Drums and Hybrid 3 – includes two dynamic VST instrument programs, a drum sample player/editor compatible with REX files and a high definition analog synth suite
  • Built-in Instruments – 8 GB of sounds, one-shots, loops, and exclusive content
  • Customizable Controls – backlit controls instantly map to popular DAWs on the market
  • Road Ready Chassis – brushed aluminum faceplate with detachable 3-position stand

Trigger Finger Pro will be available Spring 2014, with a street price of US $399.

18 thoughts on “M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro Combines Drum Pad Control & Hardware Step Sequencing

  1. only as far as sequencing to midi out goes, i use my korg esx-1 in the same way. just a tip to think about what you might have laying around and thinking outside the box, literally…

    Also when this drops to 250-300 i will be tempted!

  2. So close; integrate a sample-playback engine like in the MPX-8 or the SamplePad Pro, make it battery powered, and give me some individual outs and I’ll be on that like stank on proverbial

    I’m still desperately tempted, but with an MPC and an Electribe around it’s hard to justify. But imagine integrating this with the Volca line, playing drums on the pads and sequencing bass and keys from the step sequencer, oh man.

  3. I dont care what ya’ll say. Im sold. Thats a neat one for $400…a controller that works as well with a computer as without one these days is rare. Im glad they threw the extra bone of the squencer, after a firmware upgrade or two this thing will be very fun for hardware. I have a MicroQ, this looks like it’d be a blast with it.

    1. Sorry, where does it say it doesn’t need a computer? It just has midi out, it might still need to be plugged into your usb.

  4. Pressure sensitivity is the deal breaker for me. I’m a heavy trigger finger user (I have 3 of them)…and the pressure is a key component.

      1. I actually just purchased a SparkLE mainly for the pads and sequencer. Works pretty well for that, but after seeing they just released a product that does what I wanted the SparkLE for at a lower price I am now kind of disappointed.

  5. For what its worth this has to be one of the nicest looking pieces of new gear to be announced. Definitely sold on looks. The 16 step sequencer is cool. I can see they’re definitely trying to take on Akai & Native Instruments with this product but got to agree with others that the price seems a bit much. Sexy looking thing though that’s for sure!!

  6. If it requires software updates, don’t hold your breath. Over a year now for my M-Audio hardware and they even still sell it…. Not very responsive to after the sale needs….

  7. this thing reminds me of a Speak and Spell, or a new xbox controller for a MPC video game… an add-on to DJ Hero or somthin…

    never had much faith in m-audio, seems as soon as i buy one of their products they stop support and abandon it.

  8. do you know how many MIDI tracks it can sequence ? how many different hardware i can connect to play different sequences./?

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