Arturia Intros Beatstep Controller & Sequencer With CV/Gate Connectivity


At the 2014 NAMM Show, Arturia has introduced the Beatstep – a versatile portable pad controller & step sequencer.

BeatStep is capable of triggering clips in such applications as Ableton Live, and it also allows you to play drums in conjunction with such applications as BFD or EZDrummer.

BeatStep is also a 16-step analog sequencer for creating all kinds of musical phrases to be sent to analog synthesizers, MIDI drum machines, MIDI keyboard devices, or computer programs. Its connectivity options let you interface BeatStep with a computer or iPAD using USB, a drum module using MIDI or an analog synthesizer equipped with CV/GATE.



  • MIDI controller Mode – RED LED MODE
  • Step Sequencer mode – BLUE LED MODE
  • 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads
  • 16 encoders
  • 16 MIDI Controller presets
  • 16 Sequence presets
  • Works with MIDI Control Center Editor
  • Internal and External clocking
  • CV outputs
  • USB I/O
  • MIDI output
  • iPAD compatibility (using camera connection kit)
  • Transports can send MIDI CC or MMC
  • Kensington Lock
  • Standalone MIDI or CV operation when powered via standard USB power adaptor
  • USB Class compliant (no drivers)


Here’s the official intro video:

Here’s a demo of using Beatstep via USB:

The next demo looks at using Beatstep as a CV/Gate controller:

The final video looks at using Beatstep as a MIDI controller:

The Arturia Beatstep is expected to ship at the end of March 2014, priced at US $129 / EURO 99.

Check out the info and let us know what you think of the Beatstep!

53 thoughts on “Arturia Intros Beatstep Controller & Sequencer With CV/Gate Connectivity

    1. yes. its a really great tool..just one thing. i miss a 2nd cv-control output…that would be the perfect tool. or is it possible to do the second cv-out via the midi-jack connection?

  1. Big Win. They’ve gone above and beyond by providing CV/Gate and Legacy MIDI connection with this device. This is the reason it will win. This totally sets the precedent.

    1. Considering it has usb, and every other arturia product with usb can, I’m guessing it will. If not, I will definitely be scripting something that can do that.

      1. and by that I mean accept midi, and if it’s a midi operated device (digital interface) it more than likely will. which is freaking sweet.

  2. Between the price (which is incredible for it’s feature set), CV plus MIDI, and hardware sequencing?

    *sincere golf clap*

    Thanks Arturia! This one is going to my ‘must acquire’ list!

  3. If it had pattern/song ability I’d get it. Step sequencer is definitely what I want! But I want more than 16 steps, or atleast be able to transpose by keyboard, will this do that?

    1. yes, it will transpose the sequence via MIDI notes in. There is no physical MIDI in, but via the USB MIDI, you can send notes back to the BeatStep on the same channel that you have the sequence sending on and it will transpose the sequencer.

  4. the only negative is that there seems to be no midi input, I would like to have 2 or 3 of these running together in sync, it’s a pity. the price is so good, was expecting 150-200euro, Arturia has made a great/smart move into hardware.

    Im surprised the stereo mini jack to midi din isnt used so often

    1. “Im surprised the stereo mini jack to midi din isnt used so often”

      Seconded. Such a great idea. MIDI DIN sockets ARE big but now there’s no excuse not to do this.

  5. NIce, if I didn’t already had a pad controller I would get it for sure. Plus even if the sequencer is simple it can be useful for quick stuff with no computer, I have at list 3-4 midicontrollers that are worth nothing and are still llying around in total uselessness. This at list got a bit of life in it.
    I wonder if they’ll expand the concept.

  6. Given that it has all of those scales listed I would assume that i has transpose ability. Intelligent transposing at that. I am very eager for this product.

  7. Wow, Arturia is becoming the new Korg – taking all my money. Definitely on the list – I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while. Big props to Arturia.

    1. Within say $1,000.- you can buy yourself these days a set up which will give you lots of pleasure and which is usable for serious music creation. Wow, happy times are here again! 🙂

  8. I can see a certain fashion here , this is the THIRD device in a row that I have had to dismiss due to this new “one way” idea of midi implementation… the others being the Micro Brute and the Trigger Finger Pro (and to a lesser extent the Focusrite IOS Dock which has neither in or out dins)… what is with everything suddenly deciding IT has to be the master of my setup?

  9. This is definitely a great device with a lot of uses in a small size.

    As others have said, would be even better if it clocked sync with MIDI in. And since it’s using endless encoders and light pads, extra CV outs would be great to sequence multiple pieces of kit. Hopefully you can do MIDI out and CV out separately so you could sequence a MIDI drum module and a CV synth at the same time. A higher end model with multiple CV outs would be even better.

    1. Well, to be fair Cirklon is a high price professional tool that is therefore reasonably expensive: there are extended and intelligent factors concerning how sequencing can be read. It’s not a lightweight built machine and if you look it’s knobs etc. they seem to be very stable and hardy too.

      But the Arturia Beat Step looks like an affordable and good machine that I would like to use too. I’ve been delaying buying midi converters and such, because I’m rather more into old school sequencing with synthesizers. Beat Step is maybe a bit more user friendly and easy-accesible tool.

  10. I would be very surprised if the USB midi wasn’t two way at least so that you could use it with your computer as the clock master and midi router. Maybe something like the iConnectMIDI could be used to convert the USB midi into DIN in and outs for those who don’t want to use a computer?

  11. This is what many of us have been waiting for. If it were capable of controlling let’s say 3-4 devices separately and do 32 or more steps owning this would be automatic for anyone that follows this site.

  12. Don’t wanna be that guy, so I won’t mention any particular retailers, but some already have it up on pre-order for $99. Sold!

    1. It’s USB-powered, so I don’t see why it couldn’t be powered by a USB light strip. Or, am I missing something? 5V is 5V, should work.

  13. This is the thing from NAMM I’m most excited about. Arturia really gets what people want. I agree with others about syncing it though.

  14. USB Midi has the capability for In\Out. I highly doubt they would develope a sequencer that couldn’t sync to midi clock.
    If you have DIN-Only gear and no software sequencer, and still don’t know how to get DIN to connect to USB midi, One Word: MIDIOX
    Google it, and you can thank me later.


  15. I really wish you could limit the length of the sequence or expand it within another page to 32 steps…. It’s brilliant i hope they upgrade it soon with this feature ill buy it eyes closed. Not that i’m still itching to spend on one but this to me is very important for a modern step sequencer

  16. Someone know if you can use the step sequencer with drum machine ?
    One sequence with midi CC for the kick, an other for snare, an other for HH… like on Roland TR step sequencer. Light the pad for kick, change the sequence for snare and light the pad for it…
    In the video he only use the step sequencer with synth an use the knob for change the pitch of the step, or he used the pads for play drum part. But he don’t show the step sequencer with separe drum sound.
    I hope my explanation is understandable

  17. Ive been trying to find out if you can input notes into the sequencer via a midi keyboard thats hooked up to your DAW, instead of using the pads to sequence with. What I’m looking for is to be able to ‘on the fly’ sequence my Roland System-1, so that it becomes a proper SH101. Anyone know for sure if this is possible?

  18. It’s too bad that there isn’t anyway to change the ‘swing’ , gate time or legato playback without connecting beatstep to a PC with the beatstep midi software installed…but I guess adding swing and gate time knobs and a legato on/off switch would have cost a few dollars more…IMO arturia should have added those functions so that beatstep could truly work as a standalone sequencer and I certainly would have paid $199 for that product!

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