The Analog Rytm Coming Q1 2014 For $1549


2014 NAMM ShowElektron has officially introduced Analog Rytm, described as a ‘one stop solution beat machine’.

Key Features:

  • 8 drum voices, each with: Specialized analog percussion sound generator. Sample playback. Analog multimode filter. Analog distortion.
  • 12 velocity & pressure sensitive pads
  • Analog master compressor & distortion
  • Reverb & Delay send FX
  • World class Elektron step sequencer
  • Chromatic, Performance, and Scene modes
  • Performance oriented beat control
  • Individual voice outputs

See the Elektron site for full details. 

Here’s what they have to say about the Analog Rytm:

A more powerful drum machine

The Analog Rytm pushes the limit of what is possible to achieve with a single machine. The eight analog drum voices take advantage of several dedicated analog circuit designs, each of them fine-tuned for generating specific analog drum sounds. For ultimate percussive flexibility, every voice can also be spiced up with customizable samples. The perfect unity of analog drum sounds and samples simply goes beyond.

Beats with character

Plenty of tools are available for shaping the vibe of the beats. Affect every voice with its own analog multimode filter and analog distortion circuit. To add shimmer and polish to the rhythms, the reverb and delay send FX will prove invaluable. And before the beats hit the sound system, the analog compressor and analog distortion of the master channel will ensure proper pump and grit. The sound of the Analog Rytm has no match.

Maximized playability

The twelve back-lit, velocity and pressure sensitive drum pads offer beat smiths a quick and spontaneous way of creating rhythms. At the same time, the critically acclaimed Elektron step sequencer offers features like manipulating sounds on a per sequencer step basis. The combination of drum pads and step sequencing gives both instant results and the opportunity of detailed editing. The ultimate beat is just around the corner.

31 thoughts on “The Analog Rytm Coming Q1 2014 For $1549

  1. Almost pulled the trigger on a DSI Tempest this week as I’ve been longing for a modern analog drum machine. I think the sample import and effects on this just sold me. Looks really nice.

  2. From all the demo videos of this thing, it actually sounds more promising than I expected. Looking forward to putting this beside the A4.

  3. Whats possible in the “Perfomance”-Mode?
    Can I build groups of sounds that cut each other off?
    Can I mangle and stutter my beats?

  4. Again . . . why 12 pads and not 16?

    Ah well, it’s out of my price range for an analog drum machine anyway. I’m sure it’ll be quite cool, though, as is all Elektron gear.

      1. This I know. But if I had $1.5k and was choosing from this years new NAMM offerings, I would be more inclined to go for a Sub37. Even though I love Elektron and normally dislike Moog for charging more purely for their name. The Sub37 however strikes my fancy.

  5. euro price is way too much compared to us dollar. I guess it will be around 1200 pound in UK. I thought elektron was a sweden company. I know that most of electric devices for music is more expensive in europe than US but there usually are exceptions when the company is from europe. I guess it doesn’t apply to elektron.

  6. Didn’t an Elektron guy say it was going to be like 489 Euros or something (which is about $690 USD). That price would be amazingly low for Elektron, but I distinctly remember the Elektron rep saying something to that effect.

  7. The price point is a bit steep, I’d rather go with an Octatrack at that point, I know they are different things but the Octatrack is way more versatile than this.

    1. But this says “analog” in its title, so people will pay a lot more for it right now. Gotta get in on this analog hype before the bubble bursts in a couple of years and everyone re-embraces digital.

      1. Because previous to the “analog hype” folks were paying huge bux to get original vintage analog gear that could be produced new at a fraction of the cost. By analog hype, i beleive you mean manufacturers actually producing the products consumers were actually buying.

      2. but it’s probably going to be a very good drum machine analog or not. elektron knows how to make drum machines. of all the elektron boxes the machinedrum is the most enjoyable for me.

        can’t wait to see the manual.

      3. Yeah, there was just an article in Forbes about the analog boom. Where did I see that? Was it posted here? Anyways, when Forbes starts writing articles about it and calling it a boom the bubble is probably nearing the peak.

  8. What makes the sequencer world class? Is their a european class sequencer. Seems like a grandiose statement to me never the less I will reserve judgment till other people have bought it and found the bugs.

  9. Elektron haters, if only this had roland written on the back stick with your aria toys boys, analog rythm is for me can’t wait

  10. I really hope you can trigger several samples base on velocity on this machine its 2014 and i cant believe no one has a decent sampler to play like that, very close to what you can do with a NI battery there you can trigger up to 127 samples based on velocity to create a more natural sound with lots of formants like real drums. i cant believe that if even in an old mpc you can at least trigger 3 samples base on that in 2014 we dont have something more advance by now, would be great to play drums live with this machine, i hate soft for live playing just not reliable, that way you can give a good use to those velocity pads, the sample capacity in the octa make me believe that sampling capabilities in terms of memory is not an issue, just nobody seem to care about it.

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