Elektron Analog Rytm – Too Loud For NAMM


Elektron shared on Facebook today that they got busted by the NAMM ‘Audio Police’ for being too loud. 

elektron-analog-four-synthesizerThe NAMM Show has roaming monitors with decibel meters, tasked with keeping the show’s ambient noise level from getting completely out of hand. The Sound Violation Notice warns vendors that their exhibit has exceeded the show’s sound level limit.

In Elektron’s defense, the company just introduced the Analog Rytm drum machine. Can you blame them for wanting to crank it up?

24 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Rytm – Too Loud For NAMM

  1. 85db is not for a live performance (relatively speaking) particularly loud. That being said, I can only imagine how out of control the sound levels would get if they didn’t try to regulate the floor.

  2. Good, it’s inconsiderate to produce enough noise to a) interfere with other demos and b) endanger the hearing of others in a public space. 85db is more than enough to give people a sense of your product’s sonic character.

    1. Having done several music trade shows myself, I 200% agree. Louder isn’t “better”.

      The 85db rule is good, otherwise it just becomes really crazy and so loud you can’t even speak to someone. That’s generally what happens the last afternoon, when nobody cares anymore. And you end up going back to the hotel with a freaking headache…

  3. Hey NAMM guy, I’ll give you $20 to write us a noise violation ticket to use in our marketing. —> OK, sure why not.

    1. You don’t have to ask to get a ticket, you only have to turn up the volume when audio police guys are walking by… But as a manufacture, you surely don’t want a ticket the first days of the show, because you can risk to see your booth shutdown, I’m not kidding, I already saw it… No electricity, no sounds, no demo, therefore no sales.

      So it’s probably happen that way: F#cK, we got a ticket (WTH, where the audio police guys came from??)… Well, let’s use it for marketing 🙂

  4. The whole show is too f’n loud to tell how things really sound. Every time I walk up to a demo with headphones, I always check the volume knob because invariably the last person has turned it all the way up. I usually have to crank it back up because the background noise is TOO LOUD even with headphones on. People become unfriendly because they lose their voices trying to talk above the din. It’s still fun and exciting, but I still end up checking the interesting stuff out on the webs.

    1. You’re gonna be the one with the hearing aid. Sure you’ll get laid PLENTY with one of those stuck to the side of your head like a putty colored leech. =)

  5. Somewhat ironic , given that some celtic/orchestral shmaltz from booth next door drowns out much of the Sonic State Elektron demo ;
    If they got a ticket too I dont know if it would fit with their marketing stategy to go public though.
    Maybe Elektron could claim they needed to turn up to drown out neighbours ,…but we all know thats the start of loudness wars,
    & having also been victims I suspect Elektron understand the wisdom of a NAMM noise level policy .

    Those who criticise the noise police because they love loud electro would soon be asking for blaring Richard Clayderman or marching bands to be turned down ….

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