Moog Sub 37 Analog Synthesizer Official Specs & Pricing


At the 2014 NAMM Show, Moog Music officially introduced the Sub 37 Tribute Edition – a limited edition (2-note) paraphonic analog synthesizer, built on the Sub Phatty sound engine.

The Sub 37 panel features 40 knobs, 74 switches, and has a dedicated LCD display – placing each critical sound creation element and live performance tool at your command.

Key Features:

  • Perform in Monophonic or Duo-Paraphonic modes
  • 37 note velocity sensitive keyboard w/ after touch
  • 2 modulation busses w/ assignable source and destinations
  • DAHDSR (Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release) looping envelopes with sync
  • 256 Presets -16 banks of 16 patches
  • Standalone and DAW Plugin editor included
  • Syncable Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer
  • Classic Moog Ladder Filter with resonance, MultiDrive, and selectable filter slopes.

The Sub 37 Tribute includes new features including Duo Mode, which allows oscillator 1 and oscillator 2 to be played independently, programmable arpeggiator/step sequencer, two modulation busses with assignable source and destination options, access to 256 presets, and a 37 note velocity sensitive keyboard with after-touch.

A fully featured mixer section contains dedicated controls and mutes for each sound source, as well as a level control for External audio input and Feedback – which feeds the output of the filter directly back to the input of the mixer.

Also included are the powerful DAHDSR envelopes from the Sub Phatty with panel control of each extended function. And like the Sub Phatty, the Sub 37 Tribute includes a free standalone/plugin editor that is compatible with all major plugin formats – creating seamless integration between analog synth and DAW for total control, recall, and automation of every parameter.

The Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition is priced at $1,579. See the Moog Music site for more info.

44 thoughts on “Moog Sub 37 Analog Synthesizer Official Specs & Pricing

  1. It looks so mean, wow!
    2 note paraphonic… I was expecting at least 3, like the £120 volca keys. Still, it looks like a lovely synth.

  2. “a limited edition” ???
    Why? From the comments all over the world, it seems -almost- everyone want one ;=)
    are they just testing a new concept ang going to release something better soon after?

    1. I’m guessing the limited edition will be just the wood ends as seen in the pic. would rather have the composite deals that are on non-edition moogs.

      1. Eh bien, c’est un site en anglais, alors quel est votre point? Y at-il pas de site web français couvrant ce genre de sujets? (I used Google Translate, so bear with my poor French please)

        1. too bad you didn’t use google translate to understand you’re replying to a comment that is critical of the French who refuse to learn some basic English 😉

  3. Wow what a machine!! Yes its a sub fatty on steroids with loads of real time control but its taking an all ready good synth to a whole new level and at a really surprizing price. I think Moog are going to have difficulty keeping up with demand as
    this thing is going to be popular, i want:).

  4. I was kinda bummed they ended production of Little Phattys cause I was so eager to get one. I can see the reason now, I’m happy they focused on the Sub 37. Personally I won’t wait for Stage editions, I love the wooden panels and the white back/black front finishing. The thing looks so fun and badass…

    1. I can understand that! Not sure though, how they could cram all the knobs and buttons onto a reasonable sized (i.e. not 10 units high) 19″ module?

      1. They were able to do it with the Silm Phatty and Voyager. Hopefully that is a sign that they can do it with the 37 as well!

    1. The prices of sub phattys are already getting slammed on ebay I think you may be able to grab one for $600-$700 if enough people sell and if you have a computer to edit and control the sub the duo phonic part is all you’ll miss

  5. So they said they put there even the most esoteric modulation options?
    No VCO cross mod, just like the Sub Phatty…
    How’s X mod esoteric these days of cheap modulars everywhere?
    Even the orginal LP had this feature.

    1. Well, why don’t you wait with complaining, until you have seen what can be done from the display? If I remember correctly, Amos mentioned in the video, that a lot of features will be available software wise, that are not directly tweakable with knobs…

  6. This thing looks awesome! So if I’m understanding “duo paraphonic” correctly, this means that when you are playing one note, it plays exactly like the subphatty (since it has the exact same engine under the hood), and that note can use both oscillators. But when you play two notes simultaneously, one oscillator plays the first pitch and the other oscillator plays the second pitch. So we hear two separate notes without having actual polyphony. Interesting … and clever! 🙂

  7. I think I have found the replacement for my ailing Micromoog at long last! This thing looks beautiful, and I loved the feel and sound of the Sub Phatty.

  8. Will there be a cheaper non-tribute version? Because I’m getting a little of the Roman tribute vibe. If we can cut back on the Hail! Caesar!s and knock off a few bucks, I wouldn’t be standing in the complain line, if you know what I mean.

    1. The first run of Little Phatty’s were “tribute” editions, and the pricing never changed even through 5 different editions even when they added all the cv i/o… Welcome to wanting a $1500 moog. Wait a year or two and get one used.

  9. Wow. A Moog synth that incorporates functionality not previously seen in synthesizer architecture since the ARP Odyssey (Duophony-Paraphony), EMS VCS3 (Looping envelope generators), and ARP Pro-Soloist or Yamaha SY-2 (programmable aftertouch). This synth feels like the natural successor to the Minimoog Model D Very good move Moog. If this is only a temporary model, I hope the successor blows away the Model D completely.

  10. Ouch, this makes my recent purchase of a used Little Phatty seem a bit stupid.

    Now I just want this. Badly. The LP is a great sounding little machine, but the limited number of knobs does make it a bit more cumbersome to use – especially everything only accessible through menus. The Sub 37 seems to addresses pretty much all of my gripes with the LP, and has a lot of cool stuff on top.

  11. Sweetwater listed them shipping in May, 2014. Now states shipping early July 2014. B&H states pre-order shipping in November 2014. Moog websites states not yet in production.

  12. As they say in Seinfeld: – it’s “limited” to the amount they can sell..

    Extremely nice synth though!

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