Daft Punk Take Home GRAMMY Awards For Best Album, Best Song


At the 2014 GRAMMY Awards, Daft Punk was recognized with the awards for Record of the Year and Album of the Year:

  • Record of the Year – Get Lucky, Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers
  • Album of the Year – Random Access Memories, Daft Punk
  • Best Pop Duo/Group – Daft Punk
  • Best Dance/Electronica Album – Random Access Memories, Daft Punk
  • Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical – Random Access Memories, Daft Punk

Full details are available at the GRAMMY site.

40 thoughts on “Daft Punk Take Home GRAMMY Awards For Best Album, Best Song

  1. that was not the daft punk. i have serious doubt if they could win a grammy (ies) with homework or discovery
    (acnE hides under the desk expecting the thumbs down)

  2. Grammys are a little BS, I’m sure there were better songs, possibly better albums, and certainly better groups/duos. But because they are recognizable DP got the votes. I am a member of the RIAA and they nor Macklemore got any votes from me. But I went through and listens to the nominations. Grammys should be voted upon by non-members (true listeners) and open to non-members, not a popularity contest in an exclusive club. They should be based on musical merit.

  3. Bollocks! Can’t believe the state of society these days when consumer packaged watered down “electronic prance music” elects people like this.

    Even Com Truise has more talent than these guys!

    1. Ridiculous. If THAT is the best album of the year, the rest should be melted down into hairspray and new aluminum for iPads. Night of the Living Ableton, containing less than 5% actual talent. Its painful evidence that the standards for actual musical accomplishment have hit the skids. These guys have less than nothing to say and people are still enraptured. Here’s a prime example of why synthesizers are dismissed so often. Why so rankled? HERE’S why:

      I did a live solo show, shamelessly rendered over my fancy sequences. I played in real-time over it all the way and humanized it with solo bits as well as chordal things. Afterwards, a guy and his g/f came up and said “We were just expecting more disco jerkoff stuff. We didn’t KNOW synths could do that!” Ergo, dance sucks and not because its “bad,” but because its squeezing aside more honest music too often. Daft Punk is the new electronic Milli Vanilli. Fame and awards do not necessarily equal actual merit. Okay, I have my stainless steel codpiece on; start throwing things at me. 😀

      1. Lol! Milli vanilli! I see your point, but that daft punk album was spammed everywhere and on everything though so it’s not much of a suprise but at least srillox didn’t win:)

        Underground music with talent doesn’t sell unfortunately

      2. Completely agree. Come to any Warper Party here in NYC (like the one tomorrow night, 8pm @ The Delancey) and you will see more talent and creativity on display than Daft Punk has shown in their entire career.

      3. You think they just threw this record together in Ableton in a couple minutes and sent it out the door? Lol. This is arguably one of the best produced records of the 21st century from a technical standpoint, created by some of the most talented people in the recording industry and took over 5 years to create.

        I understand it’s pop music and not necessarily to your liking but equating them to talentless hacks cranking out disposable garbage in Ableton is a little ridiculous.

        1. This. It’s daft punk, c’mon, these guys have been around the block a few times, I’m sure they know as much about synthesizers and electronic music as anyone here. I didn’t love the record, it’s not my cup of tea, but it’s an excellent pop record.

          What’s with this ableton riffing? I don’t really care how people arrange their music. It either sounds good or it doesn’t (which is totally subjective anyway).

          1. For me it isn’t the tool as much as how much of there music is an old disco song put into ableton and then somehow called a Daft Punk song. While that isn’t as true for the new album this video shows just how blatant it is. It’s one thing to sample a groove or be influenced, but taking a piece of disco and adding compression and a vocoder does not make it your song.


  4. they are getting old, you are getting old, i’m getting old, every teenager from 90’s is getting old, so i guess that why their songs are getting so soft now. goof music from old people to old people. thats ok
    anyways i’m getting old and can’t stop to listen songs with that massive amount of bass and highly filtered and processed drums heh

  5. Kraftwerk is just one band that got strangled by its own fame. I’ve seen several people try to branch out and get slammed for not doing the same thing they started with. I WANT to hear an artist grow and change, but the meat-masses shoot that idea in the head all the time. I recall an old Jefferson Starship song called “Stairway To Cleveland,” a brilliant rocker about being trapped within your image. Like them as a band or not, this is a standout song that nails a lot of the issue with humor. NSFW (f-bombs), but worthy. It also suits a lot of our debate on here, heh heh.


  6. that is the worst daft punk album yet. and standing on stage pretending to press buttons?! milli vanilli much?

    meanwhile Lorde wins best pop song and does a pretty nice performance. a 17 year old from New Zealand takes home a Grammy. there’s news for you. I’m not much into her album. but Royals that is a great song and good luck to her. plus she’s a pretty level headed and interesting and nice person from the interviews I’ve heard.

  7. im convinced everyone who reads this site, or comments at least, must live quite happily with their head crammed up their arse, never daring to emerge for fear of seeing or hearing something new that they don’t understand. nothing is ever good enough, or analog enough, or cheap enough or whatever enough for your old dinosaur brains.
    Daft Punk put out the best record this year, hands down. has anyone who commented here even bothered to listen to Random Access Memories? i highly doubt it as it would require you to take yer heads out of your arse for a few minutes. i thought all the analog nerd-dinosaurs would love their record as its entirely analog recorded to tape, overflowing with modular synths. its the best record i’ve heard in some time, for real.
    i think it boils down to the age we now live in. people are never happy, regardless of what happens in their life. the internet has inflated egos the world over. people just want to hate on everything, and daft punk must be giant hate targets. its easy to hate on justin bieber or miley cyrus because its obvious theres little to no talet there, but when i hear people hating on daft punk you sound as silly as someone hating on the beatles to me. please stop and think, and listen. how often does does an electronic artist win best album and record of the year? and how often do huge famous groups like daft punk actually put out amazing and beautiful records? i’ve never seen it happen in my life until last night. much love to daft punk and everyone involved in the making of that record, and every other electronic artist trying to make it in the world. go give r.a.m a listen! its sunny out here 🙂

      1. ram was my favourite album of the year, that doesn’t mean it has to be yours, or anybody elses. on top of being a huge daft punk fan, ram was the last record i got my father and we both loved it very much, and when he passed away i think the record took a special place in my heart. so i know my feeligs towards the record may be different than some, but i still think its an icredible record regardless of how one feels about the group or electronic music. the talent on that record is just insane. it paints pictures in my mind, and triggers memories of wonderful times in my life i’ll never get back, and isnt that what a good record should do?

        art is in the eye of the beholder. the idea that we can give awards for art is a silly concept to begin with. and i must say that yeezus was a pretty darn good record too. i got close to 100 records this past year, hell, i even got the new miley cyrus record, i hate to say hehe, because im interested in music in general. i give everything a listen because i care about music, im curious, be it top 20 or underground. i never slag something until i give it a solid listen. aint music great? it makes us feel so many things that just cant be described with words or pictures. i would be lost in the universe without it. much love to you and all. i hope everyone reading this had a record that meant as much to you as ram did to me this past year 🙂

        1. Well, i guess you had a much different experience with RAM than I did it. I didn’t get that cinematic vibe from it really. I think Chromeo does that 70s/80s talkbox acoustic vibe a whole lot better. Man, that reminds me…why didn’t Daft Punk get Daryl Hall on the record? I remember seeing a post around here with Chromeo and him playing a set and it was pretty great.

    1. i dont think ram was even close to album of the year esp as far as electronic music goes. disclosure “sette” was my favorite electronic album and yeezus was my probly favorite of the year. however i must say this is one of the greatest posts ive seen on synthtopia. proud of you

  8. I am amazed that neither the caption nor any of these lame comments mention the man in the photo who is holding the Grammy: Paul Williams himself. You know what? To hell with all you young snot nosed punks. If you don’t remember going to a concert in the ’70s, you don’t know jack. I’m outta here.

    1. Yeah, so Daft Punk threw bags of cash at old legends like Nile Rodgers and Moroder to sign on their project. Doesn’t make RAM good. I like and respect Moroder as much as anybody but what he did on RAM was unremarkable. Really Pharrell carried the album and it’s fair that he accepted the grammy for Daft Punk since he made it a success.

      1. I think Pharrell played a large part in the success of the record, but overall it was Nile Rodgers’ contribution that really set it over the top. I read somewhere that he came in relatively late in the project, after a lot of the tracks were already written. Listen back to all the tracks he’s in and try to imagine them without the guitar riffs. It still would have been a good album but unremarkable IMHO.

  9. And this came as a surprise to no one. And then also nobody cared about the Grammys since through the years a lot of better deserving artists were snubbed of the Grammy. Like when in 1992 Eric Clapton took the Grammy for best Rock Song instead of Nirvana. In 2000 Steely Dan stole the Grammy from Radiohead.
    So basically I’m not saying Daft Punk didn’t deserve it. They put out a fantastic record. Though perhaps I would have seen David Bowie get that award. Nevertheless, such awards are just PR basically in those categories, unless it’s obscure stuff like “Best sound effects in a film” in which case it’s great to put on your resumé.

  10. I haven’t heard the album yet, but I like “Get Lucky” a lot. For me, it was the performance of the night, even if Daft Punk themselves didn’t do anything. The musicians who were playing all the parts were amazing. The one thing I couldn’t figure out though was what Stevie Wonder was playing in the beginning. Was it a synth, or was it a percussion pad?

  11. Is it just me or should the Grammys be called “The Best Music Available at Wal-Mart awards”? I love Daft Punk, but RAM was on Wal-Mart shelves since day one.

  12. I listened to the whole album and aside from Paul Williams welcome but odd appearance (check out his soundtrack to “Phantom of the Paradise,” its brilliant), it sounds like a starter GM synth demo. These guys really set vocoders back a lot. Hello 1981, please come & take your disco home. The claims of high production values are laughable when there is so little to chew on. Even if the beats were not so simplistic that they put me to sleep, the whole thing is missing the other 4 tracks or so, where melody and harmony belong. Daft Punk has no real passion. They’re just a triumph of marketing over substance. Not everything has to be some bloated opus, but likewise, boom-bap and vocodered non-lyrics are a real yawnfest.

  13. Conveniently enough, a local shop was selling turntables (presumably as an amusing diversion for retro-hipsters) and demonstrating them with this record, so I got to listen to it on vinyl. It …. sounded really good!! I swear it scratched some long-dormant itch in my brain – maybe that’s why the grammy people liked it so much. Man, now I have to get a turntable or something.

  14. I didn’t like the album at all. Thought it was terrible. But a few things…read their interview in Wax Poetics to gain some perspective on their approach to the album and music. I didn’t even like their old stuff but have always respected them as artists. The best music is often music you need to dig for but it doesn’t bother me at all that the stuff I love is not widely acclaimed. Most stuff everyone likes is pretty dependent on marketing and profit gains. Award shows are for people that care more about money than being happy or more about grades than learning something. It depends how you approach life. As someone that has not watched the Grammy pony show in over a decade I think it is funny how riled up people get. I think Axel Boman put out the best album last year. Along with Segue’s Pacific LP.

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