17 thoughts on “Korg Volca Analog Mega Jam With James Bernard

  1. Great to see someone getting into their gear , and yes prices for old Roland stuff has got comical .
    Korg Volca /Dave smith /adafruit etc , really have got thing off the ground in making music gear accessible.

  2. are you really diggin this demo? i think it was boring even for an electronic music fan..

    i mean, i feel like all the initial speaking is kind of an excuse for a poor perfomance you are going to hear.. “i don’t know what will come out” “i’m an edm electronic musiccian and i play what i want.. wow”

    1. This guy showed the gear working together , it was mixed well and he had the bottle to get up and do it outside of dimly lit club. It is good to see good demos of gear and for me hearing the volcas mixed in was good. I like stuff from Drexciya, Model 500, Zekt,Luke Slater, Chicago Acid stuff etc, this was a good demo of the gear and had some good grooved and sounds. I know a demo piece from a finished track and so should you .

  3. Wait, is this a Korg demo, or a 303/606 demo? He doesn’t touch a Volca until about 11:20, and barely incorporates them at all. The groove is enjoyable, but this is false advertising.

  4. No comment on the music here… but I find it so bizarre to see a camera guy intensely filming another guy who is hunched over turning knobs. Isn’t like half the planet hunched over tuning knobs of some kind right now?

  5. I don’t get it…
    If one is demoing affordable products for Korg…then just use those products for the demo.
    I understand limited use of the Korg effects like a KAOSS pad (also fairly inexpensive) for performance, but still…stick to affordable Korg products.

    What we would all love to hear is what James could do with just the Volca’s.

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