Ibanez Korg Kaoss Pad Guitar (Prototype Sneak Preview)

At the 2014 NAMM Show, Ibanez was showing one of the weirder things at the show, a Korg Kaoss Pad guitar

The Kaoss Pad guitars on show were early prototypes, created to gauge interest. Expect more polished versions at 2015 NAMM Show.

Check out the Ibanez Korg Kaoss Pad guitar and let us know what you think of the concept!

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13 thoughts on “Ibanez Korg Kaoss Pad Guitar (Prototype Sneak Preview)

    1. Ah yes, that ancient archaic outdated hoary old chestnut. I vaguely remember as a young pup when my great grandpa would gather us all around the fire for a singalong with his guitar with a monotron on it

  1. There are already several mods available to buy on ebay etc. with a lot less ‘flashy'(I consider ibanez to be not very attractive) guitars. Have been for several years. I understand that usually the procedure is to mount it into the base of the guitar( a bit further away from your picking range, but it’s just as easy to reach(i actually buy guitars which avoid having the pickup knobs anywhere near the bridge/picking range(too much blood has ruined fantastic guitars)

  2. Hasn’t Matt Bellamy of Muse played a Manson with a Kaoss Pad for years?

    $500 – $1000? I used Velcro tape to stick a £100 Kaossilator to a £150 Lag Jet guitar about three years ago. Rocket science? Not.

  3. For a moment there i pictured the R&D department at Ibanez either reluctantly knocking that up in about an hour, or scratching their heads endlessly about the future of guitars and having nothing better to bring to the party than this silly “Fusion Project”.
    But i suppose Manufacturers are more than happy to keep selling anything , until people stop buying it and demand more for their money.

  4. Ken got fired for sure. He didn’t know goddamn thing about that prototype.

    Ibanez should’ve asked the lead singer of Muse to be a celebrity salesperson because he already has this Koass Pad/guitar hybrid shit figured out. Way to fuck it up, Ken.

  5. A smarter product would be an adjustable device that allowed a user to attach any gizmo to any guitar. Cutting specific sized holes in things is a time/use-limited approach. You are stuck with that particular guitar, which may or may not suite your playing needs. And you are stuck with that particular gizmo, which you will undoubtedly grow tired of or lose in short order, or want to upgrade. I can’t see anyone staying fresh and interesting with a kaossilator and a low end Ibanez for 20 years. And the big winner is the absolute lack of re-sale value.

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