Pittsburgh Modular Intros Three New All-In-One Modular Synths

At the 2014 NAMM ShowRichard Nicol of Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers introduced three new all-in-one modular synthesizer systems.

The System 10 synthesizer, above, is housed in Pittsburgh Modular’s Cell [48] Case and includes the new Synthesizer Box module, along with Mix Mult, MIDI2 and Outs utility modules. The Synthesizer Box module incorporates Pittsburgh’s new Waveforms oscillator and Lopass Gate.

The System 10 synthesizer has a street price of about $600.


The System 90 is a complete, standalone, fully modular synthesizer that bridges the gap between classic east coast synthesis and west coast experimentation.

At its heart is Pittsburgh Modular’s new Symbiotic Waves, Waveforms and Lopass Gate modules.

Here’s an overview of the Pittsburgh System 90:

The System 90 has a street price of about $1,700.

The Pittsburgh Modular Foundation 3 ‘Fire-Breathing Dragon’ is their flagship all-in-one modular synthesizer.

Among its many modules are two of Pittsburgh new Waveforms oscillator modules and two of their new Envelope modules as well as the new Lopass Gate coupled with their classic Filter multi-mode filter module.

Here’s an overview of the new synth by Nicol:

  • Modules
    • 1 × MIDI2 module: triple mode MIDI to CV converter
    • 2 × Waveforms module: complex waveform oscillator
    • 1 × LFO2 module: dual utility low frequency oscillator
    • 1 × Toolbox module: slew, noise, sample & hold, inverter utility module
    • 1 × Mixer module: multi-function mixer utility module
    • 1 × Mix Mult module: multi-function mixer and multiple
    • 1 × Lopass Gate module: low pass filter, VCA, lopass gate
    • 1 × Filter module: multi-mode filter, inverting CV outputs
    • 2 × Envelope module: complex envelope generator
    • 1 × Dual VCA module: dual voltage controlled amplifier
    • 1 × Outs module: stereo headphone amp and line outputs
  • Heavy-duty Pittsburgh Modular Move [104] Case
    • 104hp eurorack road case
    • Sliding nut mounting nut system
    • Removable lid
    • Dimensions with Lid: 22″ × 7.5″ × 7.5″
  • Integrated power bus board
    • +12v 850mA / -12v 850mA / +5v 250mA
    • External 12v / 2000mA AC power adapter
  • 15 × 3.5mm patch cables
    • 5 × 6″ patch cables
    • 5 × 12″ patch cables
    • 5 × 24″ patch cables

The Foundation 3 has a street price of $1,999.

For more info on the new Pittsburgh Modular synths, see their site.

Videos via Novamusik

10 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Modular Intros Three New All-In-One Modular Synths

  1. The System 10 offers serious bang for the buck in a compact package. It’s the little details like the hidden screws and beautiful matched hardwood endcaps that really make this box stand out in person. You just don’t expect that in a $600 box. Build quality is solid, and the architecture is straightforward and expandable.

    I teased a couple of good sounds out of it at NAMM, but it was impossible to give it an extended listening test because of the thrash metal guitarists grinding away in the next booth. I hope they add lots of sound samples to their site soon, and this piece of gear is on my shortlist for 2014.

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