The Dreadbox Murmux Synths At NAMM 2014

2014 NAMM Show: Here’s another look at the Dreadbox Murmux synths, via Sonic State.

The Murmux line includes:

The Murmux synths are expected to be available in about 60 days. For more info, see the Dreadbox site.

Note: Freaqbox has changed their name to Dreadbox due to trademark issues.
For more info visit .

6 thoughts on “The Dreadbox Murmux Synths At NAMM 2014

  1. This is indeed a nice synth. The videos on their website showcase a lot more details about what you can do when twiddling and turning those knobs. But he would do himself a favour if he’d work a bit on his accent. I found him a bit difficult to understand at times.
    Oh, and it would have been awesome to have USB-MIDI, but well, that is definitely not a showstopper.

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