25 thoughts on “This Is A Trent Reznor Song (Official Lyric Video)

  1. well that’s just like making an exact cover of one song by artist X with lirycs changed to “this is an X’s song”. that’s not really songwriting process analisys, is it?

  2. You’re mocking an absolute epic rockstar!’ I think you need to tone your attitudes down and realize that he is a master at what he does!’ Lawyered!’

  3. I see the humor in it. Hey, everyone is a critic. My question is this: since the guy who made it CLEARLY has an abundance of time on his hands, and is also a much better and knowledgable song writer than Trent is (which is implied in the essence of the video/song shown), where is his music? His serious music. I’d love to hear it. I don’t have the time to put a full on production and video together to lampoon it, but I’d love to hear how great his songs are. I will withhold my judgment of him since I haven’t heard his work.
    I will leave you with a few thoughts:
    Anyone with musical knowledge, dexterity and production knowledge could lampoon songs by The Beatles. Point being, it’s easy to analyze songs after the fact; but to conjure them as an artist and make it real is entirely different. This video has NOTHING to do with the song writing ‘process’.
    Also, artists need to be paid and Trent has helped to generate exposure to a shit ton of worthy artists. If you don’t know this, I’ll assume you’re too young or just didn’t pay attention.
    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, are teachers and critics.

    1. so much blah blah blah about a pretty fine parody.
      may i suggest that blah blah blah
      blah (sideways-winky-smiley-face) blah blah
      and blah blah are really an attempt to have fun?
      in fact it does come damn close to blah blah blah
      blah ?
      but then again i could be blah blah and a blah blah blah for even saying so.

  4. Funny, but Trent Reznor is a production master. Half of his sound comes from………his sound! Don’t forget all of his other material and concepts.

  5. The best thing I’ve seen all day.
    I have to says it’s true ,nothing wrong with a good formula . … Trent is a genius and so is the parody

  6. clearly there’s no need to be upset – the guy even says in his comments that “This is a song I made about the songwriting process of one of my musical heroes, Trent Reznor.” I don’t see any malice or bad intent behind it – he’s just paying tribute to somebody/something he loves.

    And to the person who said he “Clearly had an abundance of time on his hands…” I would bet both the video & song didn’t take more than 3 or 4 hours total to make.

  7. As a long time fan of Trent Reznor i think this is funny. Don’t take life to seriously 😉
    Trent has a sense of humour and would probably have a chuckle. This in no way discredits his ability as a producer or his contribution to music.

  8. Absolutely brilliant, the funniest thing i watched today and yet the scary thing is that it is great sounding track that he just farted out in 5 minutes (including editing)… 😉

    1. Well, to be fair, I he completely rip the vocal line, it contains no bridge or modulation, the chorus is essentially the same as the verse, and the “weird sound” isn’t necessarily the best choice in the context of the song… I mean, trent would’ve never used a tone which conflicted THAT much with the feel of the song.

      I’m shocked he totally ripped the Copy of a vocal melody. That leaves him open for copyright infringement if Columbia ever cares to try, even despite the parody clauses. Usually people have to use a sound-alike, not a sound-exactly-alike..

  9. This was fan-fuckin-tastic! This is a good song in it’s own right and would have been killer with serious lyrics. This guy NAILED the Trent sound to the T, there is no denying that. I like NIN quite a bit, and I don’t think there is any disrespect going on here. I think Mr. Reznor would actually get a big kick out of this, I know I would.

  10. Hmm.. Nize sound but this is music for music makers and I dont think I’ll listen to it twice.
    Kind of funi but lacks the music it self °?°- Just my impression of it

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