The Russian Police Choir Covers Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’

We’re not sure how this happened, but….The Russian Police Choir covers Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

Are these guys the new Russian masters of funk? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

via Analog Industries’ Chris Randall

Note: The video credits the performance to the Russian Army choir, but it appears this is the Russian Interior Ministry (Police) Choir. If anyone knows more, leave a comment!

41 thoughts on “The Russian Police Choir Covers Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’

  1. It’s Russian TV show called “What? Where? When” (kind of intellectual game with TV viewers and experts, … and some of local tycoons and one human right activist

    1. pfft…
      Paul Rodgers is about as unmatched as Mercury, just different and personal. Among quite few recognizable singers.

      This example is exellent performance, but somewhat inpersonal attempt to imitate Mercury. It’s like they only chose this song, because he can sing it, while Rodgers not only can sing it, but also be himself in the song, and bringing something new to the song while at it.

  2. No problem. I never thought the Russians had any taste to begin with. 😛 This is almost as bad as the time George Bush tried to boogie with some African dancers and amplified his embarrassing Whiteness.

    1. You mean this performance? Well it is not easy to make a bad wishy-washy song sound good in the first place.
      As far as generalizing Russia’s taste, I’d be more careful. When it comes to lifestyle, I agree, they can be as bling bling as the actors in some cheesy RnB video: if it shines, it must be gold then.
      But when it comes to music, you may want to check out some of their great composers first. You’ll find no bad taste there, only pure genius!

      1. Shostakovich is untold parsecs away from Daft Punk. Besides, any time the dominant paradigm boys try to co-opt any sort of pop culture, the effect is a lot like hanging a cow pie from your rear view mirror as an air freshener.

  3. The original track is absolutely atrocious… so I am kind of digging this version. These guys can at least sing well compared to most junk we hear in the charts today.

  4. Not the right place for this kind of propaganda. These kinds are the same ones who allow monsters to rape and kill LBGT in Russia. C’mon Synthopia, don’t be played. If I was DP, I’d be pissed off. These MOFOS are nasty.

    1. You rather have the old Indi’an U.S. propagandhi then? Sacrifice your plate spinning freedom to the centaurussian “source of human creation” enslaved by camouflaged kitchenfires.

          1. The centaurussian whose “source of human creation” presents the old as something new, only “looks like” the “son of man” that was crucified by the old in new-disguise-TinG.

            1. So if Judas-kissing islam says the “pure uterussian son of man” was not crucified but someone who looked like the “pure uterussian son of man” instead, why do they look like centaurussians?

              1. Why would the revoluti!on-AIR’y centaurussians want to poison the immortal son of man in the uterussia of the immortals, as if human life is some kind of commodity?

  5. Why all the negativity to the Russians? Just because the regime is less than ethical doesn’t mean these guys are bad people.

    Psh, I hate the internet some days

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