What is FRACT?

What is FRACT? Synths, synths & more synths!

FRACT is a musical exploration game. Players arrive in a forgotten place and explore a vast and unfamiliar landscape to discover the secrets of an abandoned world that was once built on sound.

As they start to make sense of this strange new environment, they work to rebuild its machinery and bring the world back to life by exploring sound and creating music within the game.

FRACT is coming soon to Windows/Mac – official release date is to be announced. See the FRACT site for more info.

15 thoughts on “What is FRACT?

  1. I saw a teaser for this a LONG time ago (years?). But it looks WAAAY slicker now. The little examples of setting up some step sequencers to match some sound and solving puzzles a la Myst seems cool. Also looks like it will have a bit of an “edu-tainment” factor in terms of figuring out rhythms. Pretty cool.

      1. I see TL’s point, there are bright colors and shapes and a big 3D panorama– but it isn’t pushing any hyper-real boundaries or “creating a reality”. Contrasted with other games, it has a retro-vibe (ironically). Perhaps in later incarnations, they might experiment with some steampunk elements or more of a Terry Gilliam-esque vibe. I think if the machines within the world were a little more “flawed” it might add another dimension of realism.

        1. I guess it’s a matter of taste- for me, retro tron inspired visuals are a great match for the idea of exploring a synth world. Reminds me of the old cartoon Reboot

  2. Been following this for a while – it’s been very slow coming, but I rather like a lot of the music coming out of it. They release a lot of preview clips on soundcloud, It would be nice if they put out full tracks or even an OST album!

  3. Classy and rather like a synthesizer version of MYST, one of the earliest games with a point besides gutting zombies, homeboys and orcs. IMO, the “Forbidden Planet” graphics are well-designed and properly framed for the job. Its a nice piece of work.

  4. Hasn’t this been freely available for quite a while? I’ve had it installed for ages. Thought some kids here in Montreal made it for a competition or school project and it was freeware.

  5. Very cool. The videos on their website are very interesting. I love the abstract, “Lawnmower Man” style graphics too.

    An unseen benefit to playing this “game” might be learning or being inspired by some new random approaches to creating your own music outside of the game.

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