4th Annual Synth Chili Cook-Off – For People That Like Chili Or Synths Or Drinking


The 4th Annual Synth Chili Cook-off, which may be the greatest idea for a synth event ever, is scheduled for Sunday, February 16, 2014 7:00 pm at Empty Bottle in Chicago.

Four musicians will each make a chili and perform an original sonic interpretation of it, using a synthesizer. The audience decides which pairing is the best. The winner is then allowed to return for next year’s cook off.

“There’s no way you can do this and not be humorous. I’m not going to deny that it’s just a totally fucking stupid idea,” says event co-founder Brett Naucke, adding, “It’s just awesome!”

Here’s a video preview:

Details are available at the Empty Bottle site.

via The Chicago Reader

26 thoughts on “4th Annual Synth Chili Cook-Off – For People That Like Chili Or Synths Or Drinking

  1. Damn those people to hell for being middle class AND students…forget pointing out the obvious, that they are white. Jeez, the nerve of some people. Next thing ya know, they’ll dismiss their privileged roots, go to the Guitar Center off of Halsted (because they look the part of hipster Boys Town) and trade in their Teenage Engineering thingies for a Beat Thang.

    1. That’s the whole point numbnuts, it’s not supposed to be taken seriously. The guy says ““There’s no way you can do this and not be humorous”. Looks like they are having a fun time….more power to them.

  2. I honestly did LOL at some of these comments!
    I’m really amazed at how offended people get at what has been an amazingly fun eventand obviously NOT SERIOUS event at all. ITS FOR FUN. Also being critical for people’s design or whatever is also straight up hilarious.
    oh, neither of these people are in their early 20’s or middle class students fyi.
    Looking forward to having fun at the event!

  3. Actually, or seriously, this is cool as are these guys! Come on people, do not synths dominate our very existence for those who prowl this site? That’s is why I love this chili/drink/synth super combo. That is actually why I think we live in a golden age of sorts…something maybe the modular only advocates can’t begin to understand…with my iPad, I can download in the toilet as I jam, sculpt, compose, and basically wreck sonic mayhem…could, or has, anybody attempted this feat with a quick look stand and a workstation? Huh? Nows the time to man up and divulge.

  4. in the 90,s when i was young and thinking everything was new
    and you made up events with your friends and you had fun playing music

    .. it was the underground industrial moment in Montreal

    why can’t this generation have some fun making music they way they want

    chilli and synths ..??? why the negativity ..?

  5. I come out on this site to check out gear , sometimes it seems like apple dominate it , the next It seems like Sesame street..
    These young kids need to hear ‘Very Friendly ‘ by Throbbing Gristle.

    1. I can attest to both of these people being in their 30’s and most of their musical basis comes from acts like Throbbing Gristle / industrial music. neither of them, nor the performers are in any way ‘new’ to synths, performing, or anything of the like. I’m envious I am not in town for this event.
      Stop hatin / being so negative & judgemental & get a life
      this event rules

    2. HA. One of those dudes has been doing a night in Chicago that plays synth oddities/early industrial music. He’s been doing it for a long time now.

      1. Hot on the heels. first mon of every month. yeah something like 8 years. Pretty bad ass night

        also, no clue why that song is relevant either. haters gonna hate i suppose!

        mmmmm chili!

    3. “I come out on this site to check out gear , sometimes it seems like apple dominate it , the next It seems like Sesame street.”

      I come to this site to check out synth news, and every day they’ve got it – whether it’s hardware, software, iOS, Android, Surface or something a little more unusual.

      This event sounds awesome! If you can’t get into the idea of an event that combines chili, beer and synths, that’s your problem, not somebody else’s.

    4. One of the guys is wearing a Legendary Pink Dots shirt. Pretty sure they have a passing familiarity with Throbbing Gristle.

  6. These dudes know their shit. Dumbfuck who said they need to hear Throbbing Gristle: google “Beau Wanzer” and/or “Brett Naucke”. I have been to this event the past three years and I will go this year again. I love synthesizers; I have used synthesizers for the past 25 years, and in a scene dominated by boring men playing boring music (that I love), this is the most fun synthesizer-oriented event there is. F-U-N. Remember that?

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