New Benge Album Features Buchla 100 Looping

benge-buchla-modularBenge has released a new album, Loop Series One: Buchla 100.

It’s the first in a planned series of albums, recorded on a single electronic music synthesizer and featuring loop-based compositions. On this first record, the sound source is a Buchla 100 modular analog synthesizer dating from the 1960s.

This instrument in itself allows for extremely complex dimensional events to be set up, including elements relating to pitch, timbre, time, duration, rhythm, harmony, reverberation, stereo location and the like.

Furthermore it can be manipulated very easily in real time, using the various potentiometers and touch plates. The looping techniques used here included multitrack digital recording (Electro Harmonix 2880), monophonic tape loops (Roland RE501) and various combinations of the two.

You can listen to the album below:

Loop Series One: Buchla 100 is being sold using the ‘name your own price’ model, via Bandcamp.

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