11 thoughts on “DJFrownTown On Minimoog vs x0xb0x vs Kawai K1, ‘Hawaii Synth Burn’ & Finding The Sweet Spot

  1. The video was goof-o-licious, but the point is legitimate. There will always be a special greaze that only a true Moog can produce, but it can be closely replicated, if you feel a burning need for it. With a little effort, you can adjust the EQ, resonance, distortion and various effects and get very close, especially if you layer carefully. You can also buy an actual Moog filter pedal in two sizes now, as well as software versions. On top of *that*, there are a zillion Moog waves to be had, so if you whittle on it, there actually IS a sweet spot, quite a few, in fact. There are several ways to go Moog now, so your ability to have that color in your paint box is limited only by your capacity for purist outrage. 😛

  2. He is in dire need of a spectrum analyzer. He has no knowledge of what he is talking. Maybe he droped out of physics at highschool and remembered some keywords? He also stole my time. 🙁

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