Vector Pro – The Sounds Of Vector Synthesis

UVI has introduced Vector Pro – a vector synthesis collection, inspired by the Sequential Prophet VS and Yamaha SY22.

Vector Pro is a suite of instruments:

  • Vector Pro VS – Influenced by the digital vector synthesis engine of the Sequential Prophet VS, Vector Pro VS offers an efficient and flexible single oscillator system which ‘expresses quite unmistakably’ the qualities of the Prophet VS.
  • Vector Pro VX – Vector Pro VX takes things a step further with a dual-layer system built on a library of raw multi-sampled waveforms. This system delivers independent control of each layers amp, filter, stereo and effects sections, step modulator and two versatile arpeggiators providing vast opportunities for sound design.
  • Vector Pro 22 – Inspired by another vector synth classics, the Yamaha SY22, Vector Pro 22 is made in the same depth and fashion as Vector Pro VS.

Here are the official Vector Pro audio demos:

Vector Pro is available now, priced at US $149 through Feb 28th, $199 after that.

11 thoughts on “Vector Pro – The Sounds Of Vector Synthesis

  1. Is it just me or are UVI hitting their stride? The past few releases appear to have been a cut above the rest (except for the Toy Library… that’s always been phenomenal). Shame they’re not for Kontakt but you can’t have it all.

  2. $199 for a softsynth?…$50 maybe…but $199???? i’d buy a Roland Tb3..hardware!

    esp one based on a tg 33 which i had back in the day and though was pretty lame sounding actually.

  3. You could just buy Arurturia’s ProphetV plugin and have full vector control and Pro 5 emulation to boot. I don’t see the point of these UVI sample instruments. Expensive claptrap.

  4. Is this a sample collection running under their engine? I’m not that familiar with their stuff, but somehow, I’d rather have an actual softsynth than a (likely thorough and awesome) collection of samples.

  5. Oh, and $50 for a softsynth?? Sure, there are good softsynths that are inexpensive or free, but there are plenty that are pricier and worth it (I’m looking at you, Zebra and Diva). Synplant costs $100 and has a semi-interesting synth engine. It’s also worth every penny.

    Oh well. I guess we’re going down the App Store/Google Play hole with the expectation that software prices should be low and what we want to pay rather than representative of the time, energy, and love that goes into the conceptualization, coding, and UI.

  6. What are you going to use for a vector sweeper? Without a 4-zone joystick, the method won’t fly as intended. Even Korg’s are spring-loaded, so that means you have to find one from perhaps the modular Boutique Realm. Do you really want to go to such trouble and expense for a plug-in?

  7. Korg’s Picthbend/Mod controls are spring-loaded, but their vector joysticks are not– at least on the Wavestation/Wavestation A/D and the Korg Kronos. They move freely and stay where you leave them. As far as what you are going to use for a vector sweeper– you use that joystick, or you use track automation/patch programming.

    That is if the UVI collection offers some way to do this. The Wavestation plug-in and the Arturia Prophet-V does.

    The only UVI library I bought was the Beast– because who hasn’t wanted a Synclavier? I can’t tell, but it looks like their FM synthesis piece is at least partly emulation. It’s amazing sounding.

  8. so what is the point of this? for less money one could buy both Korg’s Legacy Wavestation and Arturia’s Prophet V and have two real vector synth plug-ins, not some sample-based soft synth… at first my interest was piqued as it would be nice to have my TG33 in software form but with no FM, why bother?

    as for vector control, my favorite is Technics WSA1 but the X-Y touchpad on Korg’s Z1 is also nice. both pair perfectly with the Wavestation.

  9. I love their stuff, but don’t own any, because it’s SO damn expensive. If you were to buy everything in their synth library (and I would like to), the costs would run in the thousands. Thousands for a few sampled synths!

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