Madrona Labs Updates Aalto Software Modular Synthesizer

aalto-synthesizerMadrona Labs has released Aalto 1.5 – an updated version of its software modular synthesizer for Mac & Windows.

Version 1.5 has some major compatibility improvements for both Windows and Mac users. Performance should be dramatically improved on some Windows systems.

The new version has a new OpenGL-assisted renderer, so graphics are amazingly sharp, at full Retina resolution, in compatible hosts. This change means that using a tiny little Aalto window is now possible, which can really improve workflow on a laptop screen. (Note: Ableton Live does not yet support full-resolution rendering.)

Here’s the list of major changes in Aalto 1.5:

  • Fixed an issue that was slowing down Aalto dramatically on some Windows systems.
  • Fixed an issue requiring a runtime support pack on some Windows systems.
  • Improved latency through the patcher when running at large host buffer sizes.
  • Aalto now draws at full resolution on Macintosh Retina Display, in compatible hosts.
  • Aalto is now compatible with Soundplane version 1.0 and higher.
  • Fix mousewheel direction on Mac OS 10.7 and higher.
  • Accelerated drawing to the screen on Mac OS with OpenGL.
  • Optimized drawing scheduling to avoid glitches, especially in Logic.
  • User and factory presets now share the same location.
  • Improved ergonomics of patcher with larger handles and smoother graphics.
  • Fixed a drawing problem with bipolar dials.
  • Improved drag ergonomics for dials.

Free demo versions are available at the Madrona Labs site.

If you’ve used Aalto, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

9 thoughts on “Madrona Labs Updates Aalto Software Modular Synthesizer

  1. Aalto is a great little instrument. Its limited in its range of possibilities compared to the comprehensive workstation-style, try-to-do-everything “DAWs” out there. Madrona clearly set out to create a simple but powerful performance instrument best suited for experimental music.

    The most common comparison is with Buchla’s Music Easel due largely to the complex oscillator model shared by both instruments. Aalto is unique and I really like it. The only problem I have had is that when running it on a macbook (~2006 model) I sometimes experience some significant latency/audio glitching. Hopefully they will continue to improve it technically and maybe (please) add another modulation source or two (LFOs, function generator, whatever) to the mix.

  2. This synth is, without doubt, one of the finest soft synths you can get. It may look a little esoteric and it’s easy (and tempting) to unleash it and let it go off on some mad laboratory sonic assault course but with a little taming you can get some uber-usable and, most importantly, very unique sounds out of it.

    10/10 would synth again.

  3. Software Modular

    Congratulations on your honest advertising . Most companies do ridiculous rendered images that show what looks like a physical object and obscure the fact that is is software . Quite seriously it is great to see honesty with software.
    I recently saw an advert for virtual rack bolts for reason and other rack based products.

  4. I love Aalto. Its capable of the most intense experimental sound. And Madrona has managed to design the most intuitive, clean and inovative patchbay ever.

  5. Aalto software is really an amazing software for experimental music. It gives wide options for music lovers. Good to see such a wonderful updates. Thank you.

  6. A favourite of mine also and it sounds very nice indeed along side tracked real analog in a session.
    Highly recommended but I can’t wait for Kaivo either – one of the few AU’s I actually enjoy using.

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