2 thoughts on “arp-odyssey-black-white

  1. The design should not have the keys protrude beyond the case.
    The design should be full-sized. It should have midi. It should also have balanced and 1/4 inch jack outputs. It should also have detentes on the coarse and fine frequency sliders for tuning to A440, perhaps adding octave interval buttons instead of the two octave lever to assist with tuning. It also should have a touch panel or wheels for vibrato and bending (PPC is too unreliable). It should also have user memories. Otherwise, identical features, scale, and sound. No noisy VCA like on the MS20 rebuild. Quality over cheap features. Also a metal chassis. And a reliable power supply (unlike the dicky Micro-X power connector which breaks). CV and gate outputs and inputs also. And sustain pedal option.

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