Free Lexicon 480L Impulse Responses From Grant Nelson

grant-nelson-Lexicon-480L-reverbProducer Grant Nelson has released his personal collection of impulse responses (IRs), based on a classic Lexicon 480L digital reverb unit, as a free download.

Impulse Responses can be used with convolution reverbs.

Here’s what Nelson has to say about the free IRs:

About 12 years ago I sat down and recorded a complete set of impulse responses from the legendary & industry standard Lexicon 480L digital reverb unit. In fact, it’s the very same one that you can see the remote control unit for in this picture.

The reason for doing this was so that I could have a ‘virtual’ 480L inside the box in my Pro Tools rig via Audio Ease’s excellent Altiverb plug-in.

They sounded amazing too, I A/B’d them next to the actual unit and for the most part you really couldn’t tell the difference. Anyway, I’ve used these IR’s on virtually every recording I’ve made over the past 10 or so years, they are my go to reverbs for vocals without question.

Over the years I have given these out to quite a few fellow producers and they have somehow found their way onto file sharing sites, as everything seems to do these days, but I can assure you that I recorded these, processed the IR’s and created the presets you will find inside the download.

Contents include:

  • Ambience – Gated Ambience
  • Ambience – Large Ambience
  • Ambience – Medium Ambience
  • Ambience – Small Ambience
  • Ambience – Strong Ambience
  • Ambience – Very Large Ambience
  • Effects – BackSlap
  • Effects – Doubler
  • Effects – Get It Wet
  • Effects – In The Past
  • Effects – Rebound
  • Effects – Sudden Stop
  • Effects – Surfin
  • Effects – Tremelo L to R
  • Effects – Vox Whispers
  • Halls – Auto Park
  • Halls – Jazz Hall
  • Halls – Large Church
  • Halls – Large Hall
  • Halls – Large Plate
  • Halls – Large+Stage
  • Halls – Medium Hall
  • Halls – Medium+Stage
  • Halls – Small Church
  • Halls – Small Hall
  • Halls – Small+Stage
  • Plates – A Plate
  • Plates – Fat Plate
  • Plates – Small Plate
  • Plates – Snare Plate
  • Plates – Thin Plate
  • Rich Plates – Drum Plate
  • Rich Plates – Echo Plate
  • Rich Plates – Guitar Plate
  • Rich Plates – Horn Plate
  • Rich Plates – Large Plate
  • Rich Plates – Short Plate
  • Rich Plates – Silver Plate
  • Rich Plates – Slap Plate
  • Rich Plates – Vocal Plate
  • Rich Plates – Vox Plate No.2
  • Rooms – Large Room
  • Rooms – Music Club
  • Rooms – Small & Bright
  • Wild Spaces – 1ow-40
  • Wild Spaces – 2ow-50
  • Wild Spaces – Big Bottom
  • Wild Spaces – Brick Wall
  • Wild Spaces – Buck Ram
  • Wild Spaces – Inside Out
  • Wild Spaces – Metallica
  • Wild Spaces – Ricochet
  • Wild Spaces – Sillica Beads
  • Wild Spaces – Varoom

“Use them wisely and your productions will start to sound a lot more expensive ;)” adds Nelson.

The impulse responses are a free download from Nelson’s site.

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    1. The included audio files have the extension “aif”. Rooms! does currently only accept “aiff”. I’ll fix this in version 3.3 and make sure that you can import the complete archive after changing its file extension from “zip” to “irset”.

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