Groovesizer Red (Sneak Preview)


Developer MoShang has announced Groovesizer Red – a new 8-bit sequencer + synthesizer that will be available as a DIY project or pre-assembled.

The Groovesizer RED is a DIY 16-step MIDI sequencer and granular synth.

It features 16 LEDs (one per step), 5 potentiometers, and 5 buttons, MIDI input and ouput on 5-pin DINs, MIDI sync in and out, and audio out (mono) on an 1/8″ jack.

There are 32 user locations for saving patterns and patches. Up to 4 patterns can be chained together to create a 4 bar pattern. Note entry can be quantized to one of 12 pre-defined scales. Patterns can be triggered and transposed via MIDI. Notes can also be entered via an attached MIDI keyboard.

Here’s a preview of the Groovesizer Red in action:

The above video demonstrates the 7 Play modes of the Groovesizer RED. The video below looks at the Groovesizer Red’s Bank modes:

Pricing and availability for the Groovesizer Red are TBA. See the Groovesizer site for more info.

4 thoughts on “Groovesizer Red (Sneak Preview)

  1. Hey Geir, the Red’s sound production side is based on Peter Knight’s Auduino synth for the Arduino. I’ve seen there’s some debate as to whether it is really a granular synth, but in all honesty, I’m don’t have the synthesis theory chops to contribute to that debate. Here’s a link to info about the Auduino synth.

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