Touring With A Modular Synthesizer

Free Music Friday: This video, via Future Music Magazine, takes a look at the touring rig of producer/composer Martin Dubka.

Dubka offers a tour around his custom modular synth, which is tailored to his improvised live show.

Here’s an example of one of Dubka’s live modular improvisations, recorded at the 2013 Amsterdam Dance Event. You can listen to it or download it via the embed below:

11 thoughts on “Touring With A Modular Synthesizer

  1. Best video I’ve seen for actually explaining the setup, keeping things simple, and getting musical results. Fantastic. Unfortunately, also makes me want to start planning a modular of my own. $$$

  2. That was the most coherent music I’ve ever seen come out of a modular. And even then, it was boring.

    Too bad you’d have to unplug and restart if you wanted to play a different song/sound. Gonna be a long night!

    Let the flames begin!

    1. Once you learn how to use the system you’ve set up, you can get a lot of variation. That’s fine if it’s boring for you, but dude’s obviously getting booked, so there are people who like it.

      If you integrated more sample-playing modules, you might be able to move out of the pure electronic sound. “Why not just use a sampler then?” Get hooked on modular and you’ll see.

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