20 thoughts on “Game Changers: Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’

  1. i love how he still uses the ST. he found what works for him and never added much to the setup.
    I think there is a lesson in there for anyone making music.

    1. He says in the video he dusted off one of the floppy disks (still works!) to show the original tracks, I don’t think he is still using that Atari along with his S950s to produce music these days, it’s much more likely that he has enough money to “enshrine” his old bedroom studio as it was in the 90’s and leave it at that. 🙂

      1. the timing on the old ST beats any software today. it was rock solid. it might be why he likes it.
        i think he still uses the same setup. or not. i like to think so 😛

    2. The atari version of cubase beats everything that has come since. When will a new atari be made that will be just for us hardware midi only sequencer people, ?
      Nice one Fatboy.

      1. A Raspberry Pi might be worth your dough. Actually, scratch that, for $20 it’s TOTALLY worth your dough. It’s a tiny computer the size of a credit card that runs Linux. It could totally be used for a sequencer.

        1. You’re giving language lessons? That’s laughable!

          …and “dyslexic” means letters are scrambled for the reader. It doesn’t mean they can’t spell (which seems to be your problem).

  2. wtf? what kind of event draws this many people – thousands – to drink and dance to a dude playing or DJ’ing “records”? I’m older – like 54 – and the only time I have ever seen an audience like this doing this is at concerts I’ve attended or performed – IN A BAND IN REALTIME W NO SEQUENCERS —?
    I’m a synth nerd w/ dozens of synths and guitars and computers and iPad Air and keep current on hardware, but if this was in the US I’d be going WTF for real.

    oh, thank you for reading too.

    1. ha there are dj-oriented events across the us with over 100k attendees per day. some add live elements to it, but most are blending one finished song into another. didn’t see that coming 30 years ago when the scene started eh?

  3. I used to know all this stuff but am getting old now… Just remind me – is he using the Atari to trigger the samples?? There was never any audio recording on the ST was there? Thanks

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