iVCS3 Virtual Synthi (Sneak Preview)


Alessandro Petrolatiย shared this sneak preview video of the upcoming iVCS – a virtual version of the EMS VCS3 synthesizer:

The original VCS3 is a very rare monophonic synthesizer, introduced in 1969. It offers a 3 VCO/VCF/VCA/ subtractive synth architecture, and includes a flexible patching matrix and some interesting control options, including a joystick.

iVCS comes from Densitygs, creators of Density asynchronous granular synthesizer for Mac & Win, Pulsaret microsound granular synth for Mac & Win, and iPulsaret and iDensity for iOS.

Specifications and pricing/availability details are to be announced.

22 thoughts on “iVCS3 Virtual Synthi (Sneak Preview)

    1. I share your amusement. Comical stuff all these rendered images.
      Sort of reminds me of those fantasists into dungeons and dragons.

  1. Man….. I looked out for this all my holiday at Crete last year when it originally was announced. I really hope it will come out soon.

    1. Well XILS LABS already made that a lot of time ago, and instead of just trying to clone something that will never be the original anyway, they kind of reinvented it.


      I’ve got it and it’s a pretty fun plugin to make weird sounds with. Would be interesting to see how it compares to this app here. Not sure touch-based interaction is a big bonus here, as with many iPad synths.

    1. Hey man just do what I did and get an iPad real cheap off a online classified. I got a iPad3 for $175. I’ve spent more than that on single plugins and now with iPad I have access to a lot of great and cheap music apps. Lots of experimental stuff on ios if that floats your boat.

  2. virtual putney! very cool. time to get radiophonic.

    for those looking for a mac / pc vst / au version, the XILS Lab XILS3 is excellent.

  3. I have been amongst the lucky beta testers. This thing is more fun than I can tell you. It has an impulse response from the spring reverb on a real VCS3 and that makes a big difference in getting the sound right. Little changes in the joystick position can sometimes lead to big changes in the sound. I know the lucky few who own the real thing will sniff and say it sounds nothing like a real one. But for the rest of us mortals this will be as close as we ever get.

  4. I think iPad is best served by creating expressive multitouch instruments, rather than recreating these old synths. Down vote if you will but I’ve yet to hear anyone make extraordinary music with iPad apps. It appears that recreating “that which has been done before” is the order of the day with developers and fans of such apps.

    For iPad apps to be a truly solid alternative to hardware and software, I reckon some originality needs to come from the developers side.

    Moog did it with Animoog and I’ve yet to see anything truly audiovisual and great with multitouch and low latency that comes close.

    I’m still not convinced enough to abandon my desktop and hardware set up despite all these “refurbished antiques” popping up in the AppStore for the price of three beers in my local pub!

  5. The iVCS3 app is fun but how the heck do you turn off the microphone???
    I disabled it in settings but every time I open the app, and then close it, a red bar at the top of my ipad says “RECORDING” and I cannot seem to make it go away… any clues???!!! Thank you.

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