Ziebane Instruments RX-207 Live Remixer Now Available

Ziebane Instruments has introduced RX-207 Live Remixer for Windows.

RX-207 is a DirectX 9 based realtime audio and video groovebox, designed to transform your PC into a real electronic instrument, as close to the feeling of dedicated hardware as possible. The sound engine was built from scratch to achieve ‘unparalleled’ responsiveness in computer music production.

RX-207 lets you remix existing phrases and patterns, build up on them, make them your own or start from scratch with original material. 

Key Features:

  • 1 Monotimbral Kick Drum Track
  • 1 Duotimbral Snare Drum Track
  • 1 Duotimbral Hat Drum Track
  • 1 Monotimbral Sample Track
  • 1 Monotimbral Arpeggiator Track
  • 1 Monotimbral Pharse Generator Track
  • 1 Multitimbral Oneshot Track
  • 3 Main Modes for Pattern Creation
  • Realtime Pharse Generator
  • Save / Load Functions
  • Quicksave / Quickload Function
  • One click Direct Sound Banks
  • Total of 525 sounds at your fingertips
  • 16 Step x0x Style Sequencer
  • Step Sequencer
  • Realtime Recorder with Undo
  • Zomg Turntable
  • 24 Ninjas Effect Section
  • Powerful Mode 9
  • Reverse Function
  • ReTrigger Function
  • Lenght Function
  • Mute / Kill sections
  • Buildup / Replace Function
  • Cursor Paner / Pitcher
  • Master Tune
  • 30 – 275 BPM

Ziebane Instruments RX-207 Live Remixer is priced at 99.00 Euro, but is currently available for 79.00 Euro. A free demo version is available.

16 thoughts on “Ziebane Instruments RX-207 Live Remixer Now Available

  1. @ Dayebus. Not the best demo, but you can imagine, it’s a lot of work for one guy to do. Feel free to try demo. It can sound however you like it to, it’s a sampler. 🙂

  2. I like the sound in demo, seems nice program with a lot of stuff implemented.Does it control from keybord/midi controler?

  3. @LadyBaad, MIDI is not implemented at this stage. And with all the keys a keyboard already offers times three, and with Ctrl combinations, there is really no need for more keys :). It’s built around what you already have with pc. Be sure to put it in FPS Mode with Ctrl + Home. Same combination to exit. And Qwertz/Qwerty can be defined in Mode9.

    1. This looks pretty cool, Ziebane. What can you tell me about hardware requirements? Could this be a reuse for a laptop from 3-4 years ago?

      1. TJ, thank you. I have tested this on desktop from 2004 and it works smoothly. Basic tested requirements are here:

        I’m test running it with cheapest laptop i could get about two years ago, with win7 (rock bottom Acer Aspire 5250 with e300) and if I don’t have a lot in the background, it will run fine. It has been tested extensively in live situations in front of audience on this. Although, my laptop from 2007 with win XP does a slightly better job. Tested it on laptop with i3, not a hiccup could be heard.

        Now, demo does not have all 9 banks included, so it’s a bit lighter. But I think you are on a right track about laptop reused. 😉

  4. I’m on a Mac so unfortunately am unable to try this. however I am very intrigued by this. I really like the idea of turning something you already have (eg. a laptop or PC) into a dedicated groovebox.

  5. @ TJ, my original reply is awaiting moderation. Possibly, because it contains a link to minimum requirements, If you follow the link in original article, at the end of page, there are tested configurations.

  6. I tried with the demo and this looks very interesting. I think it would be perfect to run on my Dell Venue 8 Pro with a bluetooth keyboard. I am reading the manual now and this looks very powerful. It’s nice to have the keyboard control because we’re all accustomed to typing and don’t have to look to hit the keys. I’ve always liked grooveboxes and having a fast “box” using minimal resources ready to go on my PC is exciting. I’m definitely going to play with this more and see what I can do!

    1. I tried searching the manual for swing/shuffle. Is this this a feature at this time? Or will it be included in the future?

      1. Thank you Davisson. Swing / shuffle is not user controllable, but if you let it run without supervision it will tend to drift and do random differences. It plays very different if you interact or just let it swing for awhile. But direct control of shuffle by percentage is not user definable. Maybe in the future. 🙂

  7. I find this like a timemachine i cant imagine what this can don that the lowest end app on ipad cant allready do oh yeah the app costs 9.99 Eur. OMFG

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