The Intellijel Metropolis Step Sequencer & M185 Sequencer Interview

Mylar Melodies produced this little film on the history of the cult-hit that was the RYK M185 System 100M DIY project, and introduces the Intellijel Metropolis Eurorack Sequencer, a licensed adaptation of the M185.

The Metropolis offers eight STAGES, each with its own assignable gate mode, pulse count and pitch value. Each stage can also have a special slide or skip function activated, too.

The slide functionality is a constant time portamento, very similar to the Roland TB-303 (unlike most synths/sequencers that use constant rate portamento) which produces a very musical and interesting result.

In addition to the base sequencer settings, set with the sliders and switches, there is a full menu of controls and auxiliary modifiers that allows the user to control and manipulate the sequence in many powerful ways, including sequencer direction modes, pitch quantization and scale manipulators, clock dividers, shuffle and much more.

Details are available at the Intellijel site.

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