Building a Home Mastering Studio

Mastering engineer Ian Shepherd is kicking off a new series on building a home mastering studio. 

He starts off by explaining that he’s not trying to duplicate the commercial mastering studio environment, but instead he’s trying to turn his garage into a home studio where he can get useful mastering work done.

In the first video, Shepherd show you the ‘before’ look at his space and talks about room shape, soundproofing, electrics, floating floors and more.

It looks like Shepherd’s series will offer information that be useful for people setting up general home studios, too, even if you don’t plan on doing any mastering.

2 thoughts on “Building a Home Mastering Studio

  1. I am currently building a studio room , in a derelict part of my house.This is interesting and good to see practical information on here.
    Thanks a lot and good luck with the build.

  2. I am also building a room. Thanks for this video. Practical info is something I would love to see more of here at Synthtopia.

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