Macro Machines Storage Strip Brings Patch Memory To Eurorack Modular Synthesizers


Macro Machines has introduced the Storage Strip – a new Eurorack module and system that brings system-wide storage and recall to Eurorack synthesizers.

Here’s what they have to say about their approach:

We at Macro Machines Engineering have developed a means to allow storage and recall of settings in the eurorack modular synthesis world.

The first iteration of this hardware is the ‘Storage Strip’ module, which sends binary messages along the CV bus to compatible modules telling them to store current settings into a memory slot, or recall them back at the press of a button, or even sequence through them at the burst of a clock pulse.

Our hopes are that this will, in the near future, allow for more interesting results with less modules. Imagine if you had a CV sequencer for every single parameter, and could shift and change all of the settings of your entire synth at once, the complex sounds that could be achieved, more territory to explore, and you will be able to return to points that you want to re-use, explore further, or perform live!

The Storage Strip, above right, allows for saving and recalling settings within supported modules.

  • Currently supported modules: Mungo 0 series modules, WMD Sequential Switch Matrix
  • Future supported modules: Make Noise CTRLSEL series and all Macro Machines modules

You can manually change through settings on the Storage Strip using the lower 4 buttons. There are 4 banks of 4 for 16 total settings.

To select clocking mode press both top buttons together.

There are 4 clocking modes: forward, reverse, pendulum and random. Clocking can be switched between 4 step and 16 step mode. All sequencing mode selection is saved to EEPROM so it is always recalled even after powering down your case.

The Storage Strip is priced at US $199 and is available now.

If you’ve used the Storage Strip, let us know how you’re using it and what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “Macro Machines Storage Strip Brings Patch Memory To Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

      1. i think that is a very good use i really like WMD SSM —
        — my set up is way more complicated than any one or two modules – it is mostly my cabling
        – i don’t even bother trying to recreate things i have done in the past
        that is why i love experimental music

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