Novation Launchpad S Control Pack For Live Performance

This morning, Novation announced their new Launchpad S Control Pack, a kit containing all the gear a musician would need in order to create and perform electronic music with Ableton Live.

The Launchpad S Control Pack is made up of the Novation Launchpad S and Launch Control, two custom-made protective sleeves for the hardware, Ableton Live Lite 9, and a large 1 GB pack of Loopmasters samples.

Launchpad S Control Pack Features:

  • Novation_Launchpad_S_Control_PackLaunchpad S: 64 button Ableton Live Controller (Live Lite 9 included). Launchpad S is made for Ableton Live, but is compatible with FL Studio and other software.
  • Launch Control: the Perfect Partner to Launchpad S, with 16 knobs and eight additional Launch pads.
  • Travel cases: Pack includes two perfectly-sized cases for Launchpad S and Launch Control.
  • Works With Novation Launchpad iPad App: Using the iPad camera connection kit (not included), musicians use the Launchpad S to trigger loops and FX within the Launchpad app.

Pricing and Availability. Novation’s Launchpad S Control Pack is expected to ship in June 2014, at a suggested retail price of $249.99. For more information, check out the Novation website.

4 thoughts on “Novation Launchpad S Control Pack For Live Performance

  1. I’ve been debating supplementing my (v1) Launchpad with one of these Launchcontrols (I have the original Korg nanoKontrol and it’s kind of a joke) but I’ve been seeing a lot of Akai APC40s starting to come up used. Together these two devices are almost as big as the APC, so to have all those dedicated assignments I’d kinda prefer that. but this seems like a nice deal.

  2. It looks like the controller is divided into 4 quadrants with some sort of sequencer thing going.

    Is this doable with live lite 9 or is this some sort of add on, max patch or something?

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