5 thoughts on “Freemasons Studio Tour

  1. It’s always amazing to watch professionals at work, or at least hear them talk about it, no matter which trade it is. Seeing the Neuron made me a bit sad since I had to sell mine, even though I got a Neuron VS since, and likewise the V-Synth (had to sell my GT.) I want those back, and an Andromeda along with them, and everything will be nearly complete. Really love videos like this.

  2. As only an amateur electronic musician I can say that regarding about 90% of this: I have no idea what he’s talking about. I really don’t think all this is needed to make great music. The dude seems a little gear obsessed! Don’t get me wrong I always like studio tours.

    1. Well, you have to know the difference between carving out Michaelangelo’s David and banging two rocks together. Then again, these guys do produce dance music so the artistry is, yes, debatable.

    2. I definitely agree. I must say though that I do something similar, but for different reasons, which makes me curious about these fellows. To an outside observer it will often look like gear collecting, but at least in my case buying random things comes from my endless quest for finding an instrument I intimately connect with. I do not necessarily look for new sounds / unique sounds so much as something I can learn and grow with. I spent over 5 years saving up for an Oberheim Four Voice because its interface looked like it was right up my alley, and I was more on target than I ever could’ve imagined. It would seem to be a collectors item, but I have a serious connection to it that completely transcends its status in synthesizer history and allows me to play music I could not have before, unconstrained by its age. Being a simple musician in training, I have a long way to go, so I imagine I will make many more such connections. Perhaps this is what it is like for them too? I bet when you get down to growing with a studio this tends to happen to musicians.

      1. Thumbs up to that. We all click with different gear. Much of what he was presenting were EQ and Dynamics processors. None of these really speak to me as incredibly musical devices but I don’t make dance music and so perhaps that’s why I can’t relate. As time goes on I can see myself getting excited about some of my gear much like this guy.

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