Waldorf 2-pole Analog Filter Sneak Preview

Musikmesse 2014: Waldorf has released this teaser for their upcoming 2-pole Analog Filter.

The 2-pole Analog Filter box is designed to give users access to ‘the heart of the Waldorf sound’ – with an inspiring user interface with a one knob/one function philosophy.


  • Fully analog signal path: Preamp -> Filter -> Overdrive
  • Award winning Waldorf analog multimode filter technology
  • Filter can be modulated by LFO, envelope follower or external signal
  • Preamp with overdrive capability for direct connection of instruments like bass or guitar
  • Post-filter overdrive with adjustable gain
  • LFO with different ranges, rate up to several kHz
  • Envelope follower with trigger section and different modes
  • True Bypass
  • Cascadable to stereo (for two 2-pole units)


  • Input Gain with level LED
  • Rectify pot for mixing-in the rectified input signal
  • Filter Cutoff pot
  • Filter Resonance pot
  • Bipolar Filter Env Mod pot
  • Filter Type switch
  • Overdrive pot
  • Activation switch
  • Output Level pot
  • LFO Range switch with 3 positions
  • LFO Rate pot with LED
  • LFO Mod Depth pot
  • Trigger Button with LED
  • Trigger Threshold pot
  • Trigger Hold pot
  • Envelope Follower Source switch with 3 positions
  • Envelope Follower Attack pot
  • Envelope Follower Decay pot


  • Audio In
  • Audio Out
  • Cutoff CV In
  • Envelope Follower CV In
  • Trigger In
  • Power DC 12V

See the Waldorf site for more info.

21 thoughts on “Waldorf 2-pole Analog Filter Sneak Preview

  1. i will buy that for sure !!

    what i still dont get is, is it 2pole only ? so its 12dB/oct? and multimode i guess

    so its a 6dB option too ? is it 12dB only in stereo and in mono its 24dB?

  2. Clearly, Waldorf is aiming at the same territory loosely held by Moogerfoogers and Volcas. Its modular without the parts being in a traditional single unit. There is clearly more money in smaller units than big pricey ones, so there is a secondary build-your-own philosophy going on lately. I’d have to call it *technically* good when you can mix and match from several makers, but this would have to be more than just 2-pole for me. I have multimode filters in my DAW that weaned me away from external boxes, as I had come to hate all of the routing spaghetti. Even buying colored cords only helps up to a point! I tend to look askance at people who pile a table with a lot of these smaller tools, because the dance of the toys seems to overstep the quality of the music. I need to remember that quite a few players DO focus well and buy things to suit real musical purposes. Just IMO, the people who really nail it have a keyboard or two, maybe a Tenori-on-type device and a couple of support items like Kaoss pads or a mini-modular. Really engaging a central instrument seems to make the add-ons more purposeful.

  3. I like how they fit in the word “gemütlich” at the end! It’s an idea/feeling that’s uniquely German and nowhere near as annoying as Fahrvergnügen 😉

    1. I love it… way better than that absolutely horrendous Denglish we are faced with everywhere. The magazine Keys for example is full of Denglish! “Performance” for example means nothing but Germans love that word and rather use it instead of: Leistung, Auftritt, Ausführung, Darbietung, Durchführung (laziness of the mind??). Germans think that adding English everywhere makes their penis look bigger… and we know that does not work.
      So flipping the coin round and adding a fun German word on a German-built filter…. sounds like a fun idea to me! Thumbs up for that one!
      Nice sounding little beast too.

  4. Did you all notice how the knobs were flexing and bending almost like they were not bolted in place or just very badly built? Watch when the guy touch’s them …. they seem not attached well.

  5. i find the VO on that video condescending. I’m sure it is a quality product, Waldorf does not put out crap, but like another poster mentioned, with all the rigamarole, you know what? I can deal with the auto filter in ableton or logic… sure, it’s not as “authentic”, but I can use it and get on with my life as opposed to routing, resampling, blah blah… Not hating, just really can’t imagine many people who have the money to drop on something that will give them 4% more quality to a track that comes shipped with your daw.

      1. yup, and i’m sure this product will fill that niche, i just don’t think this was a very good demo of it, or certainly left me underwhelmed after initially being somewhat interested in it even though I am mostly ITB… I am however looking forward to their String Machine…

  6. This might be the most poorly demoed product I’ve ever seen. It’s probably a really cool little box, but all the audio demos are just wanky junk. Especially the guitar playing part. I am actively shopping for a new envelope follower box/pedal, and this demo would ensure I never look at the product seriously again.

    1. The video let’s you hear what it can. I think it’s a funny video with great action! You should listen and try this product when looking for an envelope-follower. Waldorf made a very good product.

    1. The video let’s you hear what it can. I think it’s a funny video with great action! You should listen and try this product when looking for an envelope-follower. Waldorf made a very good product.

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