New InsTalent Plug-In Promises To ‘Change Industry As We Know It’

Supposedly at Musikmesse 2014: (Warning: NSFW language) With tongues firmly in cheek, we received a sneak preview tonight for a “product” being released Wednesday at Musikmesse — “Ins.Talent, the CrowdWisdom DJ Plug-In.”

The makers of the video explain the new plug-in: “Prof. Avital has developed a unique plugin for Ableton – devising the crowd wisdom, the plugin collects information about the current trends in any music genres, making the right automatic decision for you, re-organizing your tracks and enabling you to concentrate on what’s really important as a dj.”

Rumor has it that Prof. Avital will be showcasing it on the 12th and the 13th of march 2014 at Musikmesse, Frankfurt.

19 thoughts on “New InsTalent Plug-In Promises To ‘Change Industry As We Know It’

    1. and even though it’s a joke, its somewhat misogynistic to say djs just care about bitches. what about female djs?

        1. tbh, I just skipped watching it when i saw #2. I get that it’s satire, but half the time, this kind of satire ends up being some sort of endorsement instead. Could be wrong, not invested enough to find out.

  1. “he plugin collects information about the current trends in any music genres,”

    Yup. I want to see it do that with noise based music. This sounds like the lazymans way out.

  2. This concept wasn’t even that funny the last 10 April Fools days when various other companies announced it….

  3. Agreed wasn’t funny for April fools. Too much satire on the internet these days. Guess the one good thing about it is that it exposes all the morons that don’t actually read anything

  4. well to many people would hope this is a reality all those lazy ¨dj´s ¨ that we should call syncers instead wish they would need lot less skills and still be the party boy of choice, they now need this products so there is no longer need to even look and find interesting tunes, this is a reality the industry is plagued with that sort of posers nowadays, same is happening in music production specially from native instruments they are investing way to much money in make things easier and easier that electronic music would be boring and full of posers and its al ready happening, full of libraries and vst´s that dont require any music or synthesis skills like the mouth product or drum libraries so you dont need to create yours or what about some sounds and atmospheres we got that too, you dont have any synthesis knowledge or skills no problem you still can sound like a pro with our libraries and easy plugs, you dont know how to mix as an engineer no problem our sounds are created so you just need to put them together to sound great, you want to perform but you are to lazy to learn proper djing no problem push the sync in traktor and you are ready to go, poser company for ComPosers, the only thing worth to look at its still reaktor imao.

  5. I got the drugs, and there are plenty of bitches in the comments to go around. Now I’m a motherfucking DJ. With crabs.

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