12 thoughts on “Roland AIRA TB-3 & TR-8 Techno Jam

  1. yeh the TR8 sounds convincing enough..

    but the TB3 doesnt sound anywhere close to a 303, its not nearly crispy or rubbery enough, nor is it bright enough – but i think thats the case for almost anything trying to replicate analog at extremely high resonance levels… unfortunate thing is that the 303 sound is typified by that

  2. Yes, of course we should all judge the hardware based on one guy playing one loop using one patch!

    Only school children live in a world where judgment is cast without evidence or context.

  3. I just don’t understand everyone getting so excited about the TR-8, and NO ONE talking about the new Izotope BreakTweaker. BTW, I just picked it up and it does 808/909 stuff great.

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