MFB Tanzbar Analog Drum Machine (Video Demo)

Musikmesse 2014: Here’s a look, via sonicstate, at the MFB Tanzbar Analog Drum Machine.


  • immediate control, integration of MIDI and CV/Gate
  • different step-lengths per instrument
  • programmable accent- and pitch-bend-functions
  • 144 patterns with A/B-variations, fill-function to chain various patterns
  • 3 CV- and 2 Gate channels
  • roll- and flam-recording
  • individual and global swing-quantization
  • recording of control-value per step
  • 12 individual outputs, stereo output
  • MIDI- and clock-sync, MIDI-dump
  • metal chassis with wood side panels

It’s priced at MSRP: 840,- Euro. See the MFB site for more information.

via sonicstate

19 thoughts on “MFB Tanzbar Analog Drum Machine (Video Demo)

      1. Over twice the price????
        It’s actually 300€ more, and looks totally worth it.
        Still the roland is really cool at that price, especially if it’s build for the road…

        1. Well im going by us dollars here. The roland tr8 is $500 here. The mfb is 840 euro which comes to $1169. Is there something im missing ? Am i just a darn fool ? Does the tr8 cost that much more in euope ?

  1. in the us this would cost 3x the cost of tr8. the one mfb unit i owned had poor build quality, it may be better these days…

  2. Really like the design of this unit. Aesthetically it’s my taste. Liked the sounds he was getting out of it too. Will keep my eye on this. Want a hardware drum machine for my setup.

    1. I’ve seen them in Long and Mcquade Stores here in Ontario Canada so I can imagine something has them in the States.

  3. … Tested both Tr-8 and Tanzbär at Musikmesse in direct comparison. One is an analog machine, solid with excellent warm and punchy sound. The other one a cheap plastic box that does not sohnd better than any TR-808 sample pack. The TR-8 is fun to play with but cannot compete soundwise with real analog hardware. The difference in sound, especially the bd’s, between both machines is huge! Want a cheap gadget: get the Roland…want a drum machine that complements your ITB setup…go MFB

  4. hey boys, I own a Tanzbar! does anyone know if I can control it with my midi keyboard? If I set my midi keyboard to channel 3 and plug the midi cable from my controller into Tanzbar’s Midi in1, I should be able to trigger with my keyboard, right boys?

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