Audulus For iPhone (Sneak Preview)


Developer Taylor Holliday has announced that he’s submitted Audulus for iPhone to Apple for approval. 

Audulus is already available for iPad and Mac OS X. Official details are to come for Audulus for iPhone, but we expect it to be patch-compatible with the existing versions. When we talked with Holliday at NAMM, he noted that he was putting a lot of effort into making the user interface scale effectively to the iPhone.

We’ll let you know as official details become available.

10 thoughts on “Audulus For iPhone (Sneak Preview)

  1. Yep! Fully patch compatible with both iPad and Mac versions. iCloud even syncs up all your patches.

    And if you have the iPad version of Audulus, you’ll get the iPhone version free 🙂

    – Taylor (Audulus developer and Synthtopia addict)

    1. Taylor – does that mean the iPad version will be universal now?

      Also -if you buy an in- app purchase, is it for all versions or do you need to buy it multiple times (Mac, iPad, iPhone)?

      1. Hey Chocomil, that’s right… universal.

        The iOS in-app upgrades are shared between iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t make it easy for me to implement sharing between iOS and Mac.

        1. Whoah!?

          You are very generous, and I have to buy this app for that feature alone. (Not to mention for being able to impress ladies on the dance floor by having a modular synth in my pocket!!!)

          I hate having to buy same apps twice, even if they aren’t that expensive. Especially as the iPhone version always ends up being unsupported.

          1. I ‘d LOVE to see that! A lady on the dance floor being impressed by the modular synth in a man’s pocket! I wonder if she ‘ll be curious about the maximum LFO rate …

  2. Great to see this – I don’t have an iPad but do have an iPhone, and this looks line the best modular synth app for iOS.

  3. Hey Taylor!

    This is a bit awkward, and I apologize my impatience, but after buying a ton of apps just hours before -50% sale, I have developed a habbit to only buy apps when their price is discounted. Do you have any plans to celebrate the new version with a sale, or can I buy it without any concerns?

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