Audiobus 2 Launching Thursday, April 3rd


Developer Sebastian Dittmann has announced that Audiobus 2 will launch on Thursday, April 3rd 2014.

It will be a free in-app update, with some new features available as in app purchases.

Here are the details:


  • Audiobus 2 will be capable of running as many apps in parallel or in series as your device can handle. Audiobus 2 can handle multiple, independent pipelines, with as many inputs, filters or outputs as you like in each. This feature will be available as an in-app purchase.
  • Save presets of your connection graphs and share them via mail or your social networks.
  •  Audiobus 2 has an updated UI, in tune with the design of iOS 7.

Here’s the official teaser video:

Here’s an example of complex signal routing, using AudioBus 2:

22 thoughts on “Audiobus 2 Launching Thursday, April 3rd

  1. I don’t even have an iPad capable of running these apps yet, but this looks awfully intuitive. I am looking forward to purchasing an iPad soon as well as an interface for it. I like the focusrite itrack dock.
    Any suggestions on an interface to go with the iPad air?

  2. I have been waiting for this update for a LONG time. They held onto the release like Disney held onto Fantasia. I will happily pay for the in app even though I bought ABus 1 the first day it came out at full price. Ten bucks is super cheap considering the doors this app opened up. Think of how many crappy app there are that are getting purchased just because they support Abus. Of course I have about thirty or so really good apps that I can run through it now. Time to upgrade my iPad….

  3. I could not think of a single reason why someone still is on the fence about making music with an iPad. It was already a must have tool 2 years ago. If Ab2 wont convince you then nothing will…

    1. You can’t imagine a reason? For me, the reason is I have a far more powerful music machine (and software) in my desktop. I have nothing against making music with an iPad, but you make it sound like it’s the only real choice.

    2. The iPad is great for many things. It’s a cool controller, expressive instrument, nice to make things on the go, while traveling. What it is not (and maybe never will be) is a good platform for editing, producing and the likes. You can do that, and in the end it depends on how skilled you are, but the platform itself is not making it easy. I stopped trying to use it for a lot of things that don’t make sense to me and honestly AB2 leaves me a bit unexcited…

  4. I am on the fence because of the CPU, RAM, storage, screen size, and interface limitations of iPads. I have 18 iPad music apps and each is exciting in its own way. But working on a long project is cumbersome because I need to use several apps. One desktop program can do what ten iPad apps can do. Audiobus is certainly a breakthrough app, and will help iPads become their own music niche alongside desktops, hardware, traditional instruments, etc.

  5. Love my ipad for many reasons. But the limited CPU can be frustrating when using multiple apps. Best app IMO is the tc11. Intuitive and sonically superior. Takes the CPU to the limit though.

  6. This I will like but, yes, I think it will be a lot of probs whit cpu and I have the latest ipad. But there still is problems with many apps and audiobus 1. And they seem to disturbs with ipads own multi interface.

    Roland has also a nice hardwire interface for ipad, DUO-CAPTURE EX
    with both audio and midi and you dont have to use a laptop

  7. Crazy…. no one said the iPad is the only option for making music, they said there is really no reason at all not to!

    Having said that, if you’re looking for an extremely cheap way to get into making music there aren’t many options cheaper than an iPad.

    iPad Mini Retina and Sunvox – total cost of ~£325 would keep someone happy for a long time with the advantage that if they did end up getting a desktop system the files are completely transferable. Years of value in that one app alone 🙂

    The fact remains that you can’t cart a 27″ screen around on a train or a bus, or touch the screen either! Both portability and touch interface are killer selling points for making music on an iPad but of course, the home studio options are fantastic too!

    1. “if you’re looking for an extremely cheap way to get into making music there aren’t many options cheaper than an iPad”

      You can buy a nice laptop with a touch screen for much less than an ipad and use free software like LMMS, Studio one, Audiotool and even download Sunvox, Caustic3 and Nanostudio for free (the two latter even being touch optimized as a bonus). And if you need more for cheap you can get FL Studio or Reaper.

      I’m not saying the ipad is bad, in fact I do own two of them and I think as an instrument they are great (I really dig Mugician/Geosynth and DM1), but when it comes to putting it all together its really not as efficient as traditional computers, even with Audiobus2, and it really is not the cheapest option to make music.

  8. I think if someone can show some evidence of succesful and talented artists who use these audiobus apps and tricks, that alone will convince.

    Otherwise it’s all great in theory, results count:)

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