Billy Corgan Plans Follow Up To 8-Hour Siddhartha Jam – 4 Sonic Impressions Of Sufi Poems

billy-corgan-modular-synthesizer-siddharthaBilly Corgan has announced plans for a follow up to his recent 8-hour Siddhartha jam.

On Sunday, March 30th at 1pm, Corgan will present Sunday With Rumi. The event promises ‘4 sonic impressions on poems by the great Sufi mystic’. He has not announced what sort of gear and/or band will be involved, but the last show was largely a solo modular/synth sound improvisation. 

Sunday With Rumi will be held at Zuzu’s in Highland Park, IL. There is no admission fee, but seating is limited seating at Zuzu’s they recommend making reservations. Details at the Smashing Pumpkins site.

13 thoughts on “Billy Corgan Plans Follow Up To 8-Hour Siddhartha Jam – 4 Sonic Impressions Of Sufi Poems

  1. The difference between a has-been and a never-was is around $50 million dollars, freedom to do as you like and a huge legacy to look back on.
    Yeah, I’m sure all you naysayers are basking in joy with your anonymity, lack of influence and inability to even make a decent dinner reservation.

    1. You assume that fame is more important than any other result someone could have created, and that fame is the only way to generate wealth. Both of these assumptions are bullshit.

      1. You’re right in that assumptions are bullshit.
        Which makes me wonder why you’ve projected such assumptions towards me.

    2. That is that kind of attitude that make people like him taking heroine and antidepressants.
      What legacy? How many million dollars make a person different?
      What reservations in which restaurant? Which influence and what kind of inability?
      Don’t lift him that high. Don’t you see he is suffering from all these things?
      I know he will laugh about such a silly comment like yours.
      Please, take some cocaine first to make you believe in that Bullshit you’re posting here!

    1. I wish that were true…2 new pumpkins albums announced for 15 and described as guitars guitars guitars by the smashing pumpkins website…which is ok…….it would be cool if an album were more electronic just to see what it would be like

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