Slow Jam With Korg PolySix, Korg ER-1, Roland TR-606, TR-707

Sunday Synth Jam: This slow jam, via traxus12, features the sounds of the Korg PolySix, ER-1, Roland TR-606 & TR-707:

Bit of a slow jam with the new hardware setup!

I sequence the PolySix by recording a MIDI loop into Ableton then go to town twiddling knobs on the synth itself. The drum machines are all synced with Ableton as master clock.

I’m loving the 606 and 707. This has been my first chance to really mess around with them synced together. Feel free to post below if you have any questions or comments!

Technical details below:

  • Instruments
    • Korg PolySix
    • Korg ER-1 MKII
    • Roland TR 606
    • Roland TR 707
  • Effects
    • Alesis MIDIVERB II
    • Alesis Quadraverb
    • Boss RE-20 Space Echo
  • Other
    • Mackie 1604VLZ3
    • RME Babyface
    • Ableton Live, Audacity

11 thoughts on “Slow Jam With Korg PolySix, Korg ER-1, Roland TR-606, TR-707

  1. Splendid.



    Your workspace is very ergonomic too. I never would have thought of using simple metal shelving to accomodate all of the hardware. You just gave me all kinds of ideas.

    I would actually buy your music too.

    What kind of lighting is that in the background?

    1. Thank you! I ran an LED strip behind the desk for lighting. The shelving is Alera brand 18 x 48 x 72. You can find both on Amazon for pretty cheap. Happy jamming! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Sadly, the 707 does NOT generate DIN sync when synced to a MIDI clock, though it generates a MIDI clock when synced to DIN sync or tape sync. Go figure! I was researching my options for a while but snagged a good deal on a Korg KMS-30. The Doepfer MSY2 is another possibility. Good luck!

  2. Super cool video and music, surfed around a little while listening and jumped back to se what was happening when something changed. thx 🙂

  3. Cool track, and what a great, well thought out workspace. Love the pedals under the desk, too. Nice stuff all around.

    1. World’s most expensive MIDI controller! Haha…honestly, it’s my favorite synth so I use it more than any other. It’s nice to have it at the desk. I control everything from it via MIDI, including itself. But in this particular jam, it’s just a controller.

  4. That was a nice little tune to end my day. Really nice sound from that PolySix, I’d love to play one some time. Nice work man.

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