12 thoughts on “Cubasis 1.8 Adds Automation (Sneak Preview)

  1. Can’t wait!!! I have enjoyed Cubasis thus far, it is my go to app when composing at a coffee shop. The one thing I would really like to see added is midi program change events. Right now I have to document what program is used in an app. So now every time I call up a different song I have to set the program on every app used.

  2. Example: I run a song in Cubasis and trigger aurturia mini moog and sunrises for one song. If I start a new song and used the mini moog and sunrises with different patches. The sounds stay as they were in the previous song. I now have to manually set the programs in the mini moog and sunrises to match the current song.

  3. Great update, can’t wait…
    @ Leo, AudioBus 2 will be released within hours from now and among other features includes “state saving” for instant recall of your presets. Hopefully Cubasis 1.8 will support it 😉

    1. AB developers have already said that the update won’t do in Cubasis what Leo is asking about- Audiobus itself can save a setup, but not inside of Cubasis.

  4. I asked about this on the last post, but don’t think I got an answer, I did check but now I can’t find it for some reason…

    Anyway, will the Audiobus host state saving API be made available so other apps, like Cubasis, can implement state saving?

    Or are we about to enter a war of state saving protocols between hosts?

    Please please please Audiobus people… make it the former, not the latter!

  5. I wish we can get a decent step sequencer on cubasis soon! It’s impossible working with the piano roll on a touch screen….

    1. I don’t think that is necessarily true, working with a piano roll is great on a touch screen (try NanoStudio) it’s just not great in Cubasis!

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